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Midnight- Draft

June 21, 2016

Act I, Scene I


Setting: Lucy’s bedroom, midnight, on balcony

At rise: Lucy is on the balcony (stage right) looking at the city in front of her/out at the audience; James, her older brother, walks in from stage left


LUCY: [at ease, expressionless

JAMES: Rose said you’d be here. 

LUCY: [laughs bitterly] Rose knows a lot about me.

JAMES: Mom knew a lot about you too. 

LUCY: [smiles forms] She did, didn’t she?

JAMES: Remember how she would sing us to sleep every night, no matter how old we were? 

LUCY: [laughs] And how she would help you untie your shoes while you brushed your teeth because of how slow you were?

JAMES: Yeah. She was good at multitasking.

LUCY: I wish she didn’t go. 

JAMES: Sometimes things happen because to universe meant it to. 

LUCY: [annoyed, as James very well knows Lucy apposes fate and destiny] James, please don’t-

JAMES: All I’m saying is that maybe this will lead to something better? Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch it all play back!

LUCY: [rolls her eyes]

JAMES: Lucy, it isn’t as if we could get her back! She’s dead.

LUCY: [the word dead hits Lucy, as she finally needs to face the fact her mother is dead] I know.

JAMES: She’s not coming back. 

LUCY: I know.

JAMES: Really? Because I don’t think you-

LUCY: [faces James, tears start to form] I know! I know she’s gone. I know she’s dead. I know, I know, I know. I just want her back. I don’t want to face it all without her! [Lucy is in tears at this point] I just want her back.

JAMES: [expressions softens, he becomes aware he hurt Lucy] Lucy…

LUCY: I miss her.

JAMES: I do too, Lucy. I do too. 

- James and Lucy hug for a while-

LUCY: [laughs softly] Damn it, I’m not supposed to let my guard down.

JAMES: Oh yes, the Great Wall of Lucy. 

LUCY: [shoves James playfully] Oh don’t start that. 

JAMES: Mom always said you had a tough shell.

LUCY: [smiles, accepting her mother’s death] Yeah, she did.



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1 Comment
  • The Rebellious One!

    I truly loved this piece. It's interesting, dramatic and emotional with the tears, hugs and all. And it has a bit of humour which makes me fall in love with it even more!

    almost 4 years ago