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By: RubyRedDreams


She is yellow.
She knows it.
Everyone knows it.
She doesn't hide it.
She shows it with her banana jacket,
With her squeaking rubber duck army,
With her unapologetically positive attitude.
She is yellow.
It cannot be denied.
Because with everyone she touches,
Everyone she talks to,
Everyone she greets,
She spreads a little bit of her yellow to them.
She is yellow.

Everyone who knows her will know who this is about. Thank you for being in my life.

Peer Review

The line, "With her squeaking rubber duck army.", drew me in, it's not really a phrase used a lot.

What are some specific things she has done that make her yellow?

Reviewer Comments

This was extremely cute and wholesome, a nice little break from all the angst on here, I write angst on here too and love reading it as much as I write it, but sheeesh sometimes, you know?