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thirty-three minutes #ArtofCompression

February 2, 2020


and she wakes to the rumble of dissected mufflers. midnight runs amok. she's slept for exactly thirty-three minutes—an improvement. it's strange, the way the curtains flutter around the open window. ghosts of a resemblance to will-o-wisps. she simply sits and counts the wrinkles on the blankets. forty-four...one-hundred-seventeen...three-hundred-nine. insomnia nibbles at her vividness and sharpness. her paleness is only accentuated by the stark whiteness of snowed sheets. really, the only shades are black and purple and white. black for the night. purple for the disconcerting hand of insomnia. white for the sheets dipped in snow. the nights do not disassemble quickly, hypnos.
Finished: (02/02/2020 7:12PM)

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  • Raquel

    The language in this piece is beautiful.

    2 months ago
  • The Great Gabs-by

    Thanks for your entry!! Good luck:))

    2 months ago