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Queen of Thieves

April 4, 2020


Once upon a time, I was a queen
And once upon a time, Mama said I could dream
But she's dead now and Daddy left
And once they were gone, I turned to theft
I knew it was wrong, I knew it
But when it came to dying, my head said "Do it"
And I only steal the little I need
And amongst this group, I take the lead

I know it's hard fighting for your life
I know some of you are afraid to put down that knife
It's kept you safe for now
But there is a new ruler
And she says we must bow
And keep her coffers fuller
And we won't, I promise that
We are Warriors, we are wild cats
Even if she entices men with gold
We are the few that remain bold
And we'll fight if it is the only way to stay
That's our drive
We keep going
Even with weakness showing
We can fight, I know we can
We can fight, we'll take our stand
We need water and maybe bread
And that's all we need to keep fed
But she's taking that away
Starving us day by day
Her fiery hair matches her fiery anger
And we thieves, we shame her
We are her bane, the one thing she hates
Because we will fight, as said by the Fates

There's a new queen in this kingdom
And then there are thieves
And I'm here to lead 'em
And we'll fight for what we need
I'll protect you
It's what we do
We look out for each other
We fight back
We are sisters and brothers
In spirit if not fact

There happens to be another queen in town
And the one who comes to kill us?
She's going down
So fight with me, my fellow thieves
Let's take a new path that we believe
I will be the queen you need
Not quite unlike
Aladdin's King of Thieves
We'll fight this queen until she's gone
And we'll fight until this war is won
Take up your life and fight
Stealing is wrong, but we can be right
And we just do what we need to stay alive
And that is for what we strive
To live
So fight with me
Let's be free
Let's fight this queen
And do it without being seen
I'll be your queen


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  • Mr. Colin E.

    Good show, V-Rose, love the revision!

    12 months ago

    LOVE this!! It's so rebellious yet so righteous; it is absolutely perfect and I love the character... she is fierce

    12 months ago
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