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speak your minds, my fellow goddesses.

(also i’m suffering from severe burnout; mentally and physically, so i’ll be back in a not-so-hot second)
love y’all <3

(why angels cry)|a prayer for strength for my girls #apoemaday31

January 31, 2020



they cry for insanity. 
they cry for sticky poppy fields and 
apollo’s cattle 
basking under the sun. 
they cry for the girls who never wanted to grow up, 
with ripped clothes 
and no phone, 
curled in an alley behind the liquor store. 

they cry for sanity.
they cry for a ship tossed in a 
sea full of ghosts.
they cry;
for platinum and ████ adorn their halos, 
yet their hearts are full of stone.

they cry for anger. 
what is a lady but a pedigree █████?
clutching at stolen lace and 
emerald earrings, 
dripping pure diamond from her eyes?
what is a █████ but a ███████?
they ███ for ██████ and ████.

████ ███ for what ██ ██████ ███.

they cry for us.
Finished: Jan 31, 2020 8:28 pm (11:28 pm est)
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  • jaii

    this is amazing, i agree with anha; the blank spots adds a strength to it that i can't really identify!

    10 months ago
  • Anha

    somehow, saying less is saying more. omission is infinitely powerful - leaving the possibility, the empty space, up to the imagination of the reader. i thoroughly enjoyed this piece. take your time to recover, and when you come back, we'll be here.

    12 months ago