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"Loser Class"

February 1, 2020


Class E-5. The worst class in Clearwater High. This was the class for kids who have the worst grades and/or behavior. They were brutally discriminated against. They could even get beat up by upperclassmen and they would not get in trouble. Apparently, E-5 deserved it for, “It sets a warning that they should work harder.” Kate is in E-5. Atrocious grades? Check. Suspended more than 15 times in the span of 1 month? Double Check. She was a bit lonely. Never really having any friends since 1st grade. She wasn’t so lonely, because she had her friends, Justin and Noah. Though they never understood her girl problems. Kate was just walking down the hall to her next stupid class. E-5 never really learned anything. The teacher was just some random person the school found. They would just sit and smoke, or go on their phone until the period was over. (Though they’re supposed to work harder?) As Kate walked, she suddenly fell. As she opened her eyes and got back up, she saw a familiar face. Bianca. She was like the Regina George + Gretchen Wieners of the school. She knew a secret about everybody. Even if you try extremely hard to hide it, she will find out. “Oh, sorry, 5 Class.” “Maybe watch where you’re going.” Kate wanted to punch Bianca in the face until she bled. But she controlled her anger and ended up slapping Bianca in the face. “Oops, sorry my hand slipped.” Kate snarled. Kate left, but then Bianca said, “I know what happened to As-” Tears came from Kate’s eyes “Shut Up. You don’t know anything.” Kate ran off to her class. “Yo, Kate you alright?” Noah asked. “Yeah, just some Bianca troubles,” Kate replied. “Don’t worry about her, she’s probably so fake, she’ll melt in the sun.” Justin also replies. “Do you guys wanna ditch class?” Kate asked, “You’re sure as heck we do!” Justin and Noah both said. {Timeskip} “Ok, how much money did you guys get from the 9th graders?” Kate asked. “$200,” Noah said. “$170,” Justin commented. “I got $230,” Kate replied. “So, we have a total of $600.” “What should we waste it on?” “Clothes, and candy if we have leftover money?” Noah suggested. “Whatever let’s go to the clothing shop,” Kate commented. {Timeskip} “Why do we have to carry you, and your stuff!?” Justin yelled. “Because I’m frail and docile, even though I could beat both of you guys with my pinky finger,” Kate replied. Just then, they walked into some A-1 kids. Those kids are the smartest in Clearwater High. You need at least 90% of all subjects to get there. Even then, you have to study non-stop or get judged by everyone around you. “Well, look who it is.” “Some E-5 losers.” “Maybe we should show you failures what it means to work hard.” Two of the four kids come and put Kate and Justin in a headlock. “Hey, get off me!” Kate screamed. Kid #3 holds Noah by his hands so he can’t do anything. As Kid #4 was about to punch Noah, Justin was able to free himself from the kid and took the punch to the gut for Noah. The kids ended up surrendering, but not without shouting vulgarities at them while saying “You’ll regret this!” “Noah, Justin are you guys ok?” Kate said in a frantic tone.

[A/N: I have writers’ block so I have nothing more. I will write more though.]
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  • Lady J

    LOVE IT!!!!!

    12 months ago
  • CreativeAngel

    Me gusta! I love it! Quite intriguing :)

    12 months ago