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i miss everything that i've never had, and that's why i write. i write my story as it is today and as i want it to be tomorrow. there is always truth in my words.

My January

January 31, 2020


To me, January marks the anniversary of my zenith of pain and freedom. There is no snow in the streets, no bitter cold or fallen leaves. It’s always the same here, the seasons pass by quietly and no one bothers to notice when hot turns to warm turns to cold.
My January is soft, slow and deadly. Almost exactly a year ago I was ripped out of my nutshell of safety and my deepest secrets were put on show to the world. I was left broken, the hollow remains of my body barely clinging to my frail bones. There was a massive hole in my heart where life used to dwell. 
My January marked the beginning of the end. Slowly, I crumbled, falling apart day by day. No one, I thought, no one cared. Every shred of my worth was lost, taken away with the breeze to lands I would never know. Even the smallest, weakest creature was more alive than me. I was no longer a person but a walking body, barely surviving and most certainly not living.
My January was painful and empty but it also freed me. Like a prisoner stumbling out of a cell they had never known they were in, blinded by the light and destroyed by the freedom. The freedom came slowly, washing over my body and bringing the life back. It took until September that the life was fully restored but January had to happen for September to come.
This year, my January is the beginning of something new. A love I thought I would never find has become everything that I am invested in. I am no longer alone, no longer empty inside. You have filled that hole and now it is overflowing with love. 
My January is hard and painful. But as long as I have you I know I will survive.


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  • Anne Blackwood

    "January had to happen for September to come." Yesss!

    24 days ago