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By: Zoot

PROMPT: Love After Love

oh, little Princess
how sad it seems
your lonely existence
wasting away inside
the tallest spire
of your obsidian tower

isolated indefinitely
surrounded by wilting roses
with nothing but
the very thought
of someone to save you
to hold you
to share the light
of a thousand days with
to hold you over

but the thought does not help

we all expect
a knight in shining armor, 
we all want someone to 
save us from our prisons

but we cannot depend on them

you poor, pitiful Princess
how can the thought
of an outdated world
really hold you over

there are no more knights
there are no more innocent people
there are no more happily ever afters
there are no more fairy tales

come back to reality
the world ran out of knights long ago
all that are left are broken hearts
and disappointment

and so, Princess
you are left to deal 
with the loss of something
you had no control over

it's okay to cry
to break down
to grieve the loss
of loving someone
who will not save you

but when the time is right,
little Princess,
your darkest hours will end
your cowardice will 
turn into courage

you will dry your own tears
you will pick up your sword
you will fight your way out

and you will save yourself.

Message to Readers

"the emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it..."
~Nicholas Sparks
"sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake and help is see we are worth so much more than we're settling for."
~Mandy Hale

Peer Review

"and you will save yourself", really seals the deal, closing the piece, the pretty bow on top, ressonating with the reader.

Words such as 'pitiful', 'sword', 'save', 'knights', 'innocent', and etc have a sense of 'epic proportions' laid on top of reality, if that makes sense.

Reviewer Comments

Nice piece, very Galentine's day. I agree, be your own hero, no one's going to be there to rescue all the time, great, great piece, thanks for sharing.