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It's a first draft, unpolished, rough, little more than ideas thrown onto a page before they're forgotten in the abyss, so feedback is appreciated.

wordsmith or warrior?

February 26, 2020


are you a wordsmith or a warrior? do you fight the battles or make fighting possible? 

a wordsmith solders sentences together the way a blacksmith welds chains. a wordsmith whittles words into weapons the way a blacksmith forges a blade. blacksmiths and goldsmiths and silversmiths and wordsmiths, they create for others' purposes. they make swords to relinquish for a warrior. 

a warrior battles with everything with them, with everything at hand, with everything they can give. letters fly from their fingertips like throwing stars. sentences spear the flesh of a blank page; the margins are like a wall of blades. paragraphs pile up like barricades. pages flutter like triumphant banners. 

you are not either, or. you learn to forge a blade before you brandish it in battle. you learn to work with words before you wield them. you are not a wordsmith or a warrior. you are a wordsmith, then a warrior. 

use your weapons wisely. 


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