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Yep! :)

If you need something to write about, are stuck on writers block, or need a prompt but don't want to do a contest, check out the list of prompts Below!

January 30, 2020


No prompts to do? No ideas? Don't want to compete for anything? Well, here's a few prompts for you to look through. I know you could literally look them up online, but heh. Might as well have one here too! Some are quotes from books. Others came from my head and or other people I'd been socializing with. Maybe some are the first sentence of your writing. (I'll say which those are supposed to be)

  • Everyone thinks they committed the crime, and are trying to cover it up. (Maybe everyone had something to do with it, maybe no one did and it was just a freak accident. Be creative with this one!) (Refer to Clue or Knives Out in the mystery spectrum of things)
  • You're stuck between life and death. 
  • You're from the present, but somehow get stuck in the future.
  • You're a mute that goes to public school.
  • (First Sentence) He didn't show up to the...
  • You fall in love with an extraterrestrial! 
  • You're an animal at a zoo.
  • You weren't born. You were grown.
  • You're supernatural, and you can't always control your powers, but do everything you can no to get caught by the scientists.
  • "...Written in steam on the mirror of the shower next door while I was having the treatment. It said, Stop digging..." - The Woman In Cabin 10
  • "... The text is only three words. I. Need..." - The Lying Game
  • "... If it wasn't for my ears, I might not have been here to meet her even if she had come..." - The Leanin' Dog
  • "...Find him, little girl. Please find..." - Where The Red Fern Grows
  • Have a Heart-to-Heart
  • You've found something that shouldn't exist, and the government is trying to take it from you.
  • You found a journal in your basement as you were moving things around. What tales were told?
  • You get lost in the woods on a trail-less hike. 
  • You're a lie detector. You know when people lie. All except for one person...
  • It's supposed to be your last day on Earth, but every time you start to fade, the clock turns back to 24 hours before. Until you change your ways. 
  • Turns out your imaginary friend is not so imaginary.
  • (First sentence) "It'll be okay!" my brother cried out after me as I faded from my own consciousness. 
  • The inanimate objects around your house are suddenly alive.
  • You come home to find your pet as a human. (Was your pet a shifter the whole time? Did someone cast a spell upon him? Was there something in his/her food?)
  • (First Sentence) "Tell me it's not true."
  • Write a song about trust (Broken or gained)

These were just a few prompts, but I hope you guys might be able to use them if your stuck on Writer's Block or something. If not, then these are here for whatever you want them to be here for. Even if that's for nothing.
Not a contest, but feel free to link a piece down below if you did end up using one. These can be used on wtw, or off wtw. Either way works.


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  • A Rose

    I wrote one for the heart to heart one :)

    21 days ago
  • WtW's Fantasy League

    OMGOMGOMGOMG corn, my march prompt for the fantasy league was going to be SO similar to that since i also recently watched "Knives Out!"

    25 days ago
  • Joey M.

    Replying to your comment:

    Yeah, we haven't talk in awhile! :) I don't know if there's anything interesting goin' on rn tho. School is same ol' same ol'. Kinda boring. Made friends with the neighbors dog. Real cute husky, pitbull mix (from my observations). Super sweet, but they keep her tied up all the time. She comes over when she escapes. I call her Delilah. Other than that, life is pretty uneventful. What about you? Anything new? :p

    25 days ago