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I'm just a lovesick boy-crazy romantic who likes to make things up.

By Beachfront Starlight

January 29, 2020

PROMPT: Star Wish

I might have drowned my best friend in tears that night on the balcony of her beach house. The stars inched across the sky without our notice for three hours, our words filling the space between them, creating the darkness that was lit by the heavens' few ounces of joy. 

My last tear fell onto my hand as I saw it - no, I didn't see it - it couldn't have been. I'm not that lucky. 

But I did. And I was. 

A single streak of light danced across the sky, wiping away the darkness I created.

Even the ocean fell silent. The crickets swallowed their tongues and the mosquitoes fell out of the air, fell off of my skin. 
For my eyes only. She didn't see. She says she didn't. One wish, all for myself.

I no longer felt the need to cry as I wished to be happy again. 


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