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I'm not insane, I swear haha. How did you enjoy the phrasing?


January 29, 2020


    Death has always intrigued me. 
    How relieving it must feel to become one with death.
    Death is beautiful. To be able to lie in soft grass, in a deep grave, all alone. To not worry about a future, to have no yesterday, and have no tomorrow. To let time sink away, to have peace, to finally be relieved from all stress and worries of time. The way to Death's home is slow but calming, like a small dirt road. Always on time for an arrival, Death is welcoming to those who come into it's home. Love is always with you in Death, and Love and Death are together. 
    Death is always final. It brings you home whenever it feels ready, with open arms. But not many people want to come into it's home. Death is all our next home, however. No one ever gets away from this home, and that's Death's plan. Death cleans out Life's home to make room for the new and get rid of the old. 
    Death should not be feared, though. Death is relieving, and beautiful. It lets people relax finally, finally free of all stress and time. Just alone with Death. This fear is unneeded. When you are alive, Death is calmly waiting for you. When you die, you have nothing to worry about anymore.
    People fear Death more than pain itself. This is confusing, because Death is less painful. Once you meet with Death, nothing is felt anymore. You can run away from it forever, but when you are caught, all feeling is away. No pain, no sadness, not even loss. 
    Do not worry about the time Death will come to you. Life is much more stressful. Death will welcome you calmly. Why should we not be welcoming of the arrival to Death's home?
    So yes, Death has never instilled fear into me. I was dead years and years before I was born. Death is not to worry about. Nature and Death work hand in hand. Nature will help you become ready for Death. 
    Am I mad? No. I simply accept Death. Death accepts me and other people. 
    Death will always intrigue me. 
    "The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the other ends, and where the other begins?" - Edgar Allan Poe


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  • Cae

    Good job broski, every line was gr8

    about 2 months ago
  • shxlbywhite

    oh thank you! i liked that line too :) pretty deep ngl

    about 2 months ago
  • fatpanda

    "To not worry about a future, to have no yesterday, and have no tomorrow." This line is AMAZING.

    about 2 months ago