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How is David's dire situation?


January 29, 2020


    David could feel his heartbeat becoming quicker. 
    He felt the pain in his legs become hard to stand, but he sat in silence. He couldn't let the man catch him. He looked to his bloody knee, and winced as he wrapped his tie around it, acting as a bandage. He sighed quietly and looked around the corner. He then heard footsteps. 
    "David?" The voice said. David began to panic, terrified of what could happen to him when the man finds him. He covered his mouth to silence him, but the unknown man's footsteps led him to find David.
    "Got you," the man said, smiling crazily. David yelled and ran away, limping with his right leg. He ran up the stairs of the basement and got out of the front door. He went to grab his phone, but realized the man had stolen it. Suddenly, the man was behind him, waving his phone, taunting him.
    "Looking for this? Oh don't worry, you won't need it anymore," the man grinned. He threw David's phone to the ground and stomped on it angrily. David's eyes widened as he attempted to run away, but the man grabbed him and heaved him back into the house.
    David's screams filled the house as the man slammed the door behind him.

    Sometime later, David walked through a door. He clicked his tongue, confused. He looked down, his leg still bloodied but it had stopped bleeding more. He looked at the rest of his body, blood on his hands and the rest of his dress shirt. He walked forward and closed the door behind him. 
    The room in front of him was his office. Weird, he thought. He walked through his office, examining the things he saw. He grabbed a photo of his wife and smiled slightly. The door to his office then opened. 
    "Adam?" David asked. He saw his partner and smiled, limping over to him slightly. The man didn't seem to notice him. He turned around and looked at David, eyes wide.
    "David? What-how did you get here?" Adam said, still confused, speaking in a hushed tone. David scoffed and chuckled to himself, as confused as Adam.
    "I don't know. I was with a guy getting attacked and now I'm here," David said. Adam rubbed his face and became very anxious.
    "Wait, you can't be here." 
    "Well good morning to you too."
    "No, seriously, you can't be here."
    "Why not?"
    "Because you were murdered last night."


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  • shxlbywhite

    thank you ava! I do plan on writing more of this :) thank you for the compliments! I havent done the rest yet, but i will release parts at a time. hope you continue to enjoy and thank you again, it means a lot!!! <3

    2 months ago
  • ava09

    UhHuhh are you planning on releasing the rest of this? Is there a rest of this?? Because damn I did NOT see that coming whatsoever lol this was such an enthralling piece I really enjoyed it, and would like to read the rest of the story some time if this isn't the end! Nice job and happy writing!

    2 months ago