Peer Review by Soph Gibson (Australia)

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By: Grace Mary Potts


I lay on my bed, pillow behind my head,

And I stare into the dark, eyes caught on looming shadows,

At night the world changes, warps into something of dread,

Something that moves and breathes and grows.

So I lay atop my duna, ready to run unbound,

Should one of the silhouettes reach out and pull me from the safe and sound,

Outside it’s raining, and under the streetlamp the water's spray glows gold,

I long to see the shimmering curtain pounding the roof above my head.

But I scarcely look, for fear that when I do the shadows will take me away to damp and cold

Message to Readers

I have little experience with writing poetry. Even so, I attempted something different with this one. Please let me know of your thoughts and if there are any ways you think the piece may be improved. Thank you for taking the time to read my work.

Peer Review

Reviewer Comments

Quite charming and very relatable, piece. Nice perspective and tone. The only thing I might change would be the rhyming pattern. To flow more smoothly, maybe consider changing the pattern from ABABCCDED to ABABCDCDE, although it does still flow how it is. Probably a matter of opinion. Great job.