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Hellow! I'm writing after such a long long time! AHAHAHA right in the middle of senior year pressures!

(also I just saw the peer review video right below this and that's me in the video and I lowkey got excited! ahahaha)

Who cares about sunsets anymore?

January 29, 2020

PROMPT: Love After Love

sand gets between your toes while you eat noodles
sitting on a rock next to the sea,
looking at brilliant brown sautéd onions
of the horizon
ignoring the sunset
(oh, you know it's glorious as always,
but nothing beats the feeling of 
conquering hunger)

You laugh as you eat, confounded at your ways
You understand yourself so perfectly
oh, why do they spend their lives looking for love?
it's right here
between sandy hair and salty fingers

Have you ever
sat down with your regrets and talked to them, 
like old friends,
confronting their nostalgia?
Then hugging them, 
and parting ways,
(you're so impressed by yourself for still being okay!)

you know your body,
every stretch mark/knotted hair
like a map of home
But your iron will, your weary hands
you love the small things about you
the pauses, the thoughts, 
because you realise you still care about things.

The noodles finish, so does the sunset
you've just met a lover
and they're taking you stargazing. 



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  • Vanilla

    heyy! thanks so much, your words are so so kind!! noodles kept me going through senior year :)

    5 months ago
  • babybluelamentations

    Omgg what even, this is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever read. metaphorically, this is such a multilayered journey of self-discovery and shifting love, and it’s so amazing how well you integrate small details in this piece. i’m in love omg this is perfect <3

    5 months ago