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everyone has secrets and sometimes they're hard to keep, but sometimes admitting them through poems and stories makes it a little better... at least for me

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This is meant to be just a super short, short story. I hope y'all will take a minute to comment or review, I'd love to improve it :)

Lost in their screaming

January 29, 2020


You know how when you’re little, you believe your family’s invincible? Because, sure, your parents fight, but they love each other, right? Everyone argues and cries and has problems, but at the end of the day, you work through them; you’re still a family. 

Maybe when you get a little older you realize that parents don’t always stay together, but that’s definitely not your parents. Because even though it’s been a while since you’ve heard them say “I love you” or kiss or hug, they’re still together. Everything will be okay. I mean, everyone fights sometimes. 

Then maybe it gets worse. 

And you’re older now, almost 18, and you know the truth about marriages. Almost half of them end in divorce. So when you realize your mom doesn’t wear her wedding ring anymore and your dad hasn’t been home in almost 2 weeks, you’re out of excuses. Because even though you’re not lost in their screaming anymore, the harrowing silence might be worse.


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