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I think it took me longer to make a title than it did to write the poem itself ;~;

Down into the Abyss (where they can't hear you suffer)

January 28, 2020


Let go

He whispered quietly
Right in my ear

Let go

Down slipped a hot tear
Out with it came all my fears

Let go

No no no
I won’t, I won’t

Let go

Collapsed on my knees
No NO, now I was begging


He roared viciously
Enough to startle me


He yanked me to my unsteady feet
Tears slipping freely, burning my cheeks

His mouth curled in a cruel smile
Knowing I was fragile

He tightly grabbed my wrist
Continuing to insist, while away I tried to twist

It’s just to assist. .

Hand placed upon the hook
You felt the tug and turned to look


You screamed, my eyes going wide
Startled and hurt, I let out a cry
It tore from my throat
Leaving blood in a fresh coat
And out from your flesh, I ripped my hook-

. . .

Down, down
Down into the abyss
Where myself
My sanity
Is swallowed by darkness
Down, down
Down until I hit rock bottom
The ragged rocks penetrating my chest, my limbs
Spilling all my blood and problems

Down, down
Down in the abyss-

. . .

Mangled, shattered, and broken
Feeling so exposed
I drag my body, desperately collecting the pieces
But he knows, he knows

He knows I’ll never find them all
I’ll always be broken
My heart was shattered
Because I kept it frozen
Now people will take the pieces
And I’ll never ever be whole-

. . .

He holds the adhesive
Just out of my reach
His smile unsympathetic
While I scream and scream

You deserve it

He deduced, clucking his tongue
Ignoring my cries
I then looked the devil 
Right in his eyes

Splayed out on the ground
Wiping at my tears
I decided then and there
To relinquish myself to those fears

And with a wobbly smile
And a small, hollow laugh
I spoke to him
Voice a quiet rasp-

I know. .
This poem is kinda strange-
But it makes sense to me >->
So, I hope you guys like it xD
Have an AWESOME day!


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  • Jae

    this was like, wtf this was soooo good. i really kinda felt some of that, and that's the most important part of writing, so really good job!

    10 months ago
  • Jae


    10 months ago
  • Rewrite_The_Stars


    10 months ago