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I wrote this piece for my school newspaper a few months ago and the people at my school really liked it.

10 Reasons Why Vinyl Is Better

March 29, 2015



In case you are unfamiliar with what vinyl is, it’s those big black circular records that you play on a turntable. They were most popular in the ‘60s through the ‘80s but are making a comeback. Here’s why you should pick one up.

10. Price I get my vinyl at several different places, but most of the stores I shop at sell used vinyl for as little as $2 an album. On iTunes albums are five times that! I have over 25 records and I don’t think I’ve spent more than $100 on all of them.

9. Personal Investment Vinyl isn’t as quick to turn on as digital, but I personally love having to take the record out of its sleeve, place it on the turntable, carefully drop the needle, and eventually flip the record over. This process keeps you personally invested in your music and requires your involvement rather than just hitting “play” on your iPhone.

8. The Smell I don’t quite know how to describe the smell of a used record, but I imagine it’s what happiness smells like. I love the rush I get when I catch a whiff of a beautiful record I just bought. I can’t even begin to describe the smell because there is no other smell like it. If you want to know, pick up a record and find out for yourself.

7. Used Vinyl Has a Story Behind It I prefer used vinyl over new because it’s cheaper and each record has a story behind it. I love the feeling of knowing that the Beatles record I just got was purchased in the ‘60s and enjoyed by someone else before me. I have personal connections with people I don’t know if I have ever met, and probably never will. I think that’s what vinyl is all about.

6. Album Artwork Sure, you can see album artwork on iTunes, but it doesn’t even compare to holding a 12.5” by 12.5” in your hands. Album artwork today is way worse than it was back in the day because people don’t care anymore. No one pays attention to the covers of digital downloads, so I encourage you to go to a record store and just admire all the amazing covers and think about the time and dedication artists used to put into making the perfect front cover to summarize their entire album.

5. The Crackle I’ll bet nobody knows what I’m talking about when I say “the crackle.” I’m referring to the crackling when you first place the needle down on the record. This just may be my favorite sound ever. You don’t hear that crackle on digital. You just don’t.

4. Better Sound Quality When songs and albums are converted into digital, they lose some of the analog sound that vinyl has. That’s why you probably have heard people say that vinyl sounds better. It does.

3. Record Shops I love going to a new city and discovering an Indie record shop with tons of great finds. Vinyl stores are important to so many people, so please support them by checking one out sometime. My favorite one, Princeton Record Exchange, is in Princeton, New Jersey and I highly recommend stopping by, even if you are not going to buy anything.

2. Discovering Great Songs When you listen to the radio, all you hear are singles. With vinyl, you have to listen to the whole album (you can’t skip around and pick certain songs you like). When I listen to an entire album, I fall in love with obscure songs no one else knows because they aren’t played on the radio.

1. The Music is Better Nothing beats classic rock on vinyl. The music that is old enough to be on vinyl is better than everything on the radio today. If you don’t believe me, listen to any song by Bruce Springsteen. So before you buy Iggy Whatever’s new song on iTunes, please just try to listen to a classic album on vinyl. Just listen and see where it may take you.


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