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The Cross Road of Today, Until Someday

January 28, 2020


I am at a cross road. 
I want to fall in love,
With someone who makes me fall in love with myself. 

But I know the saying.

"You cannot love someone until you love yourself" 

How can I love someone when I don't love myself?
Cursed to constantly second guess them...
Am I in love with love, or the idea of loving myself? 

Wouldn't it be cruel of me to thrust myself and passions onto another, when I am not completely whole. 
Like a parasite relying on another to survive, simultaneously killing them in my plight for life. 

This cross road of an empty heart.
Am I yearning for love and company from another, or simply myself? 


What a journey it is, to go at it alone.
Until I am whole enough to be a shoulder to rely on. 



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