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the mark of my enemy...or my lover so it seemed #bemine(5)

January 29, 2020


i cannot believe i hid from him.

    i'm usually in his face, cunning words dancing off my tongue in attempts to pierce his ears. trying to make myself appear taller to scare him off to some dark defeating corner. offsetting exaggerated kindness to fool him into a trap of sorts. we were always fighting, weather with words or bare hand. i remember our childhood was the same. disagreement and a battle for who was right. some say our actions were foolish, wasteful, even flirtatious. that was the one thing we could agree on; no one could judge what we were doing or why we were fighting. we just fought. and i won. don't get me wrong, his maneuvers could manage to beat mine, but only sometimes. back and forth our blows would fly and after the dust settled, we would see who had prevailed. but this time, he'd won in ways i could never imagine...and even worse, he didn't even know of his victory yet.
    i was hiding behind the school wall, my back pressed against the cold rough brick. i barely peeked out to see him and check if he was coming near. his tall figure and swooped blonde hair seemed intimidating now. his smile, glowing along with the shining sun, yet mysterious reflecting the moon. i couldn't take another second looking at him, but my eyes wanted to stay glued in his direction. i cursed at myself and tore away my gaze when i caught sight of the mark. that was the thing that scared me most. the mark on his upper right arm stared back intently at me. the image circled my mind like a shark ready for the kill. it had never been there before, and mine... well it had appeared on my upper left arm about two weeks ago. i knew what it meant. those two weeks i waited earnestly for that same mark to appear on another.

i wasn't expecting this.

    two interlocking hearts on fire; the symbol of a soulmate.
my insides trembled. how could i be so afraid? he wasn't scary in the least, i always beat him, i always hated him. yet, there he was, and my heart moved faster. my own sworn enemy, from the first time we fought. daydreams of holding hands, running in the rain, kissing under the bridge. i tried my best to hold back my screams. i could never be without him. i wanted to run away from him! a war was raging inside my own head and he wasn't even close to me! that symbol was never wrong, and that fact crumpled my knees, sending my body to the ground.

oh why, why was i so afraid?

    i sat there, listening to the various symphonies of voices that weren't there. i didn't even hear the footsteps coming to my side or the sound of someone sitting down next to me. i looked up only for a moment and there he was. his brown chestnut eyes and his slightly tanned skin looking back at me. immediately i could see the fears and truths burning within him. the pain of fighting and the hidden feelings waging war on his heart. the kindness struggling to be set free but shoved down by greed and pride. a fire drinking up the passion soaking his soul.
my body stopped fighting itself.

    i let my eyes search him and take him in. i was still shaking, but the fear was gone. i kept shifting my attention to his mark. the mark of my enemy...or my lover so it seemed. he noticed and slowly, hesitantly lifted the sleeve on my left arm and found its twin.

in a split second i had slapped him across the face. then pulled him into my arms and kissed him.

happy early valentines day to you allll!!! :) guess who's gonna be single and buying candy for herself? MEEEEE!  Entered this for @FoxLilly106's competition #bemine, go check it out!!! :)


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  • Deleted User

    This was stunning! Absolutely hart-warming. Glad you could take this prompt and make it your own. Lol. I'm also lonely on Valentines, but I'm only 13, so I'm cool with being alone. Anyway, thank you so much for entering the competition. Good luck, and happy writing!

    8 months ago