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~Words are like blankets. I just want to be wrapped in them forever.

~ My drama teacher called me a chapstick lesbian. She really gets me.

~ I'm not uncomfortable but I feel so uncomfortable"

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Sorry if I write like I'm twelve. I'm not.

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almost there

January 27, 2020


I’m ready to be free, 
To sever the chains you’ve held me on for years, 
With every second, 

No longer will I be stuck in this loop of insanity, 
Worrying that you’ll catch me doing something I told you I’d be doing, 
Asking multiple times to do things in order to make sure they’re allowed, 
Saying sorry when I’ve done nothing wrong, 
Lying but only when it’s convenient for you. 

It’s time to face the world, 
Test my skills, 
Face your fears, 
Show you that I can do this, 
Give myself the freedom I deserve. 

Six more months and I’ll be home, 
Not the place but the feeling, 
With friends, 
Chosen family, 
Warm hugs, 
Less anxiety, 
And people that will love me the way I want to be, 
Rather than how they wish I could be. 

I don’t want to lose you, but if you can’t love me for me then you can’t love me at all. 
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