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Love writing, listening to music and watching movies,making research and I do a little bit of dancing.
But in all I take writing as my favourite cause whenever I write I feel all good

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I believe that in whatever you like doing always put your mind to it and be the best you can be.

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January 27, 2020


Insecurity; uncertainty or anxiety about oneself or lack of confidence.

 Its so disappointing how people make mockery of others insecurities. In one way or the other we all have something about ourself that throws us off balance or makes us feel uncomfortable but making fun of someones insecurity is just off board. Why do to others what you definitely don't want others to do to you? Well you might say it to sound funny but have you ever thought about the persons feelings your hurting?
Oh yes you have a face free of acne or blackhead but the other girl doesn't you have no right to rub it in yes she knows she doesn't have a face free of acne, why make her feel more uncomfortable than she already is? Yes she doesn't have the best figure or the body of a model so who are you to judge her?why not live your life and let her live hers.
  • If you choose to be someone be someone who sees the good in others even when they themselves don't and not someone who throws shade at others.


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