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The spell | #romanticize

January 26, 2020


"Flowers...flowers..." I whispered out of habit. Beads of sweat were forming on my face but the flowers weren't appearing.

I closed my eyes and tried again. Speaking it's name and imagining it's vibrance. Yet the little blue vase was persistently empty.
"They'll grow." A familiar voice assured me.

"I've been trying for a day Mum." I complained, massaging my aching fingers. "Plus, it's not a hard spell."

"Let me try," she sat down at the dining table beside me.

Mum delicately reached her fingers out to touch the vase. Purple little bellflowers sprung up, blooming on their skinny stems.

"I think," Mum finally said. "You're trying too hard."

I was rendered speechless. Me? Too hard? Mum knew so well it took me so much energy to pull off practically any spell. How was this different?

"You can try in class." She suggested.

I looked at the clock. It was a quarter to two. Class starts in fifteen minutes but I'm a twenty minute walk away from school.

I cursed and leapt off the sofa, adjusting my peplos* as I scrambled out.

"Bye Mum." I yelled and bolted down the steps of the house.

You see, everyone here lives in Greece, or at least the dimension of Olympus that was once imagined long ago. The only difference is, we live on magic, as magic lives in us. Or something like that.

I snapped my fingers, and a pair of winged shoes appeared. Amazed that I actually pulled off the spell, I fitted on the shoes and took flight.

I settled for the usual sunny view. People draped in white peploes and chitons walked on sandy paths or flew like I did. Most were chatting and smiling but none wore dyed fabrics**.

Kids were running about or playing outside their homes--white houses, all designed with Corinthian order***. They were located a good distance from each other, dotting the green plains like white daisies.

I reached my school--a huge building that looks like the Parthenon--with a perfect landing. The wings disappeared from my sandals almost instantly. Pity, I mourned.

My friends thought otherwise.

"Astra," Theo yelled. I found him running towards me.

"Geez Theo," Ida walked calmly towards us.

"Hi guys," I smiled a little awkwardly.

"Well, hi Ms Almost-late-again," Ida joked. "Record time of five minutes before class."

"Why, thank you." I curtseyed.

Theo followed it with a dramatic bow.

"Oh c'mon you two," Ida sighed and dragged us into school.

Well, besides the fact that it opens at one o' clock, the whole place looked like a grand temple. Greek gods stood infront of each pillar, from minor to those in the Olympian council. Zeus stood in the middle, at the back, holding his lightning bolt.

Children, from eight to eighteen were everywhere. Some were with parents, but all of them had somewhere to be.

Neither friend of mine studied Botany. So I was alone today. But that didn't matter.

I reached the lecture hall alone, to sit in a sea of foreign faces.

My focus wasn't on the comfy seats, white tables or my loneliness. It was on the very fact that I couldn't pull off a simple, plain spell.

"You okay?" Someone asked.

I turned around in surprise. The kind grey eyes, raven hair and gentleness in his tone gave away his identity.

"I'm fine Niles, thanks." I managed a smile.

"O-kay," Ms Calanthe announced. Morning glories twined around pillars, desks and chairs upon her entrance. The class fell silent.

"I hope you practiced." She teased. She flicked her wrist and glass vases the size of a baguette popped up infront of every student.

Immediately, flowers begin to flourish from each vase. I saw crysanthemums, tigerlilies and a foxglove somewhere. Niles flower was a group of orchids, the colour of sunlight. His partner's was a cactus flower.

I tried gentler like Mum said and again with my maximum concentration. To my misery, nothing happened.

"Try this," Ms Calanthe suggested merrily. She and most others had been watching me struggle for a while now. My teacher proceeded to reached out and give my vase a dainty tap, transforming it into a bowl of clear water.

I didn't know what difference it made, but I tried anyway.

Flowers, I thought, with hands cupped on the bowl.

Green leaves surfaced, and so did pastel pink buds, that bloomed into elegant little lotuses.
So um there's some greek stuff mentioned in there
*peplos - a greek attire for women (chitons are for both...i think...)

**dyed fabrics are a sign of wealth in Greece (especially purple!)

***Corinthian order - the most detailed type of Greek architecture (to me :p)

But honestly, I don't really have a (well, real) imagination place. It always changes from time to time and evolves like...every week?

So, this was one of its "evolutions", that I would be willing to stay in for a whole year (or more), and a combination of my two greatest fandom of 2019.

Thx for reading!


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    amazing job! Winners are up!

    11 months ago
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    Hello @.amelia.,
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  • CreativeAngel

    Anything Greek always catches my eye. Well done! :)

    12 months ago
  • Loser

    This world is quite fascinating. I adore flowers; I love how you integrated them into this piece.

    12 months ago