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Jordan and the Amazing Cat

January 24, 2020


Once there was a boy named Jordon who was nine years old. Jordon lived on a farm next to a big forest.
One day his parents came home with a cat to catch mice in the barn. His name was Samson, he was a very special cat, but Jordon didn’t know that. Jordon didn’t want a cat because he felt it was too much work to care for it. Jordon disliked Samson so much he almost never cleaned the cat pan, and often forgot to feed and water Samson, and he even refused to play or pet him.
Yet, for some reason, Samson liked Jordon. He would purr and purr whenever he was near, and tried to get Jordon to play with him. Every day Samson would follow Jordon everywhere, even when Jordon threw rocks at Samson to try to make him go away. But when he saw the rocks, Samson would just hide out of sight while still following Jordon.
One-day Jordon sneaked out of the house and went out for a walk in the forest thinking he had gotten away without Samson seeing him to follow. But Samson followed without Jordon noticing. They got deeper and deeper into the forest. Coming around a bend in the trail, Jordan came upon a bear, which was startled and began to growl.  Jordon knew he’d surely die! 
But suddenly, Samson jumped out of the bushes and got between Jordan and the bear.  Sampson was so quick, and growled and hissed so loudly and ferociously, the bear became scared and decided to run away instead of fight. Samson had saved Jordon!  Jordan hugged and petted the cat, and realized what a special cat Samson was. 
The next day, and every day from then on, Jordon got up early and cleaned the cat pan, and made sure Samson had fresh water and lots of food. He also petted and played with Samson, and was now very glad he had the cat!
By Jack Meyerotto


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