Peer Review by Suri Purefoy (United States)

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I'll Hold Its Hand

By: Madz Mac

PROMPT: All Talk

"Dear Sister, Dear sister why,
Why is my breathing so shallow tonight,

Dear brother, dear brother, how,
How come I feel so ill right now,

Dear Mother, dear mother who,
Who is that angel that stands beside you,

Dear Father, dear father what,
What is that tear that falls from eyes shut,

Dear mother, father, the angel stands tall,
It holds out its arm in a beckoning call,

Dear sister, brother, I’ll hold its hand,
And see you again, in Neverland."

Peer Review

They are deeply in touch with a force beyond nature, one that makes one feel and understand life.

So many emotions, I'm not sure how to explain them. But it was definitely something wonderful.

Reviewer Comments

Such deep emotion and thought was put into this piece, it's amazing how spacious its gentle touch was!
Thank you so, so, SO much, Madz Mac, for writing this beauty and for sharing it. I hope that you and your talent may be recognized and loved, for it truly is exquisite.
Never stop writing— keep going!