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Isabel Fain is an aspiring author currently located in Florida. She is majoring in Psychology but her lifelong dream is to have a published book of her own.

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February 5, 2020

PROMPT: Star Wish

I'm not home. Or at least I don't feel home. 

Itchy grass scratches the back of my shirt as I lay in the large field that is home to my body almost every evening. A cool January breeze makes me shiver uncontrollably, but I don't care. I love it out here too much. My legs fold on top of each other as my eyes caress the stars above me. Ever since I was little, I always felt different. Like I didn't belong on this planet. 

Sometimes little pieces of me realize something over the course of my life and it feels like I'm solving a puzzle, but very slowly. I was in the car one night listening to music and staring at the stars that passed by when I had a funny thought that someone left me here, on earth. Immediately I felt like I had just clicked open a safe or unlocked a lock with a key. Another night I was laying down staring up at my ceiling. I knew the stars were there just above the layers of plaster and drywall. It was another night I felt so alone. An idea brushed by me, that maybe someone that I actually connected with was out there waiting for me. I felt that same feeling: a key unlocking a part of me.

My fingers reach up from the grass and instinctively rub the back of my neck, where a small oval bump on my right side was tucked underneath my skin as if something was inserted there. Almost like a tracking chip. Next, I felt the circular bump on my chest, just above my heart; another strange feature I've always had. could be a large sternum, or maybe a heart monitor. It was there laying in the grass of the field I felt that feeling for the third time. 

Someone was watching me, I knew it. Someone out there in the universe wanted to make sure I was okay but put me here on Earth for a reason.  

I don't belong here. This isn't my home. 


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