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My name is Hailey, and I'm messy in love with everyone.

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I would love feedback, I'm really uncomfortable with dialog and usually avoid it at all costs, so this is interesting.

You said we'd talk

June 10, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

"You said we'd talk."
"We are talking."
"No, you said we could talk about-"
"There is nothing to say."
"Nothing to say? Nothing to say? She's gone, John, we can't just pretend it didn't happen!"
"And why the hell not, Lucy? She's gone, there is nothing we can do to bring her back. Why the hell do we need to talk about it? You talk through things like they can be fixed, that you can save, but you can't. Nothing here can be fixed. She isn't around for you to save anymore. Nothing is going to get better. Everything here without her is broken and unsalvageable. Can you fix that Lucy?"
"No, John that isn't what I mean, I'm not trying to fix anyth-"
"I didn't think so. So why the Hell do you want to talk about it?"  


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