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I try to decorate the inside of my mind the best I can- I spend a lot of time there, I want it to be nice. Recently, I've had a number of guests (Looking at you, downtown mind readers!) and I had to put out the nice towels.

Welcome Home

January 26, 2020

PROMPT: Love After Love

Welcome home, my love
I say to myself
As I kick off my shoes at the door to my mind
And I'm glad that I'm here
I think to myself 
As long wooden floorboards creak under my toes
And there on the stairwell, a soft cat sits
She watches me enter and doesn't't run
She sticks out her tongue and I stick mine right back
And she runs right down to cuddle my legs
My sister is there
And she's playing the piano
And my one little brother is singing along
My mother and father are quietly reclining
By the fire with tea
Discussing the things that have happened that day
Everyone else is sitting and eating at a red clothed table
With candles and ham and popcorn and green beans
Welcome Home, my love
I say to myself
As I slip on pajamas and lay down to sleep
And there, through the window
A big Cresent moon
Has risin to greet me
And bid me goodnight
From here in my mind
Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home


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  • Loser

    Sorry for making you cry, by the way...I had no clue my stuff could do that.

    10 months ago
  • Loser

    Lovely, homey feel to this poem.

    10 months ago