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Message to Readers

So I'm working on a second song. The structure is not definite; I was just trying to organize it a little. I would love any kind of feedback/criticism. FYI, the slashes just mean I have a few options and I didn't know which was best.

But Because You'll Try

January 22, 2020


Verse 1
Tied/stuck to your sheets again
Fixed feet and nervous/worried/anxious hands
It’s a problem, I know, my dear/It’s a problem, I understand.
Verse 2
Empty head, full mouth
Of words you came up without
A single strand of truth.
At least that’s what it is to you.
Seize every kind word
Squeeze till you feel.
The thoughts may linger,
But you are more real.
Verse 3
Cut every pill in half.
Spill every unfiltered laugh.
Hold nothing but hate back.

Verse 4 (also kinda want this as an ending) 
I kissed your cheek and smiled.
Not because you’re fine,
but because you’ll try. 
Maybe the bridge
There is no end
without a doubt.
And you’re not the author, so put the pen down.
Maybe a verse
I don’t need empathy
To love unconditionally/freely/completely
But I know a loneliness comes/is caused
With/By the inexperienced ones.


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