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Hi, I'm Joey! Welcome to my page :D and as you can see I write too many poems >~> Anyways, have a good day! ^~^


January 21, 2020


A tabby of beauty
Gray fluff for fur
And eyes so green
She was a tough one
Would have been 19

I'll never forget your meows so loud
Always demanding:
Feed me now!

I'll never forget your noble deeds
Laying under my bed each night
Protecting me from evil beasties

I'll never forget your love for ice cream
Always getting in my face saying:
C'mon gimme!

I'll never forget your sandpaper tongue
Licking us to death
Oh, back when you were young

The once hearty tabby
Seen in photographs
Replaced with skin and bones
So fragile, that cat

Still you made death-defying leaps
Which had us scared you'd break a hip
But today you can't even get out of bed
Not even for ice cream, not one lick

Your fur so full
Now so matted
Meows so mournful
No longer estatic

It breaks my heart
To see you this way
I want nothing more
Than for you to be okay


Tomorrow we have to let go
And let you find peace
Just always know
You were a good kitty

. . .

Our girl
You would've been 19
Wish you could've seen the day
Wish you didn't have to go away
But I know up there you'll be okay
You'll finally be able to rest and play

Rest in peace Garbo. You were the best and prettiest tabby ever (sorry Scout)!!! Tomorrow, once you get to heaven I hope you get ALLLL the ice cream you want, and I hope you reunite with Turk. We all love you!


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  • Loser

    Beautiful remembrance poem.

    9 months ago
  • Rewrite_The_Stars

    oh my wordddddd

    this almost made me cry. i hope you're doing okay!
    i would hate to lose either of my cats, and i can't imagine life without them. i hope you're getting through this well and tEll me if i can do anything to help =) <3

    -your blue eyed buddy

    10 months ago
  • annaocxo

    This is a really tough time, I hope you're ok. I know how hard it can be to lose a pet. This was a really great and lovely tribute.

    10 months ago
  • The Campbell's Kid

    Awww! I’m so sorry for your loss... Garbo sounds like a super sweet kitty! Sending you lots of hugs and the best of wishes.

    10 months ago