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i tried to tell about the night... and i could not tell it; as i cannot tell it now.

i know i’m bound to lose / when i feel the need to use why i’m full
-wallows, i’m full

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i’ve been around a while. the form and the quality of my writing has changed over the years, but the themes are eternal:
food and the hate of it, family and the love of it, and youth and the mystery of it.

newborn (or, units of measurement)

January 20, 2020

PROMPT: Love After Love


there is a threshold infants cross, very early
when their lives begin to number in weeks instead of days
then their ages become months

i'm still in the negative
i am cauled, enclosed within the cavity of belly.
with fetal eyes i watch from the inside—
the curve in, inhale, 
the swell out, exhale,
and watch, watch as it goes out, so far out—
i do not count in days and hours;
i count in pounds and ounces.

one day i will be born
on the other side
of average size.

i will be small, so small—
god, to be small, delicate—
i will be naked and unashamed of it,
bawling and red,
beneath bright fluorescent lights,
under scrutiny of doctors,
in the tight arms of my mother.

she will say,
for the second time
that i am the most beautiful girl in the world. 


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  • Ruthh

    this is so sweet

    12 months ago
  • Anha

    bookmarked. there is something hidden in these words that i cannot understand yet. but i trust one day i will. i'll keep this tucked away for later and when i find it and i know, i will likely cry. i hope you are around for me to thank you for it.

    12 months ago