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somewhere over the rainbow #inbetween

By: aditi

The unnamed place is yours. It's everything, and nothing at the same time. The skies are every color of the rainbow, and the colors in between too. This place is yours, and there is none like it. Here, dreams, thoughts, ideas, are in arms length away, just in reach. The world is literally yours.
Here, you wield one of the greatest weapons- your mind. They say that there's no such place, but you know that its a misconception. This place is as real as you are. 
With lakes the perfect shade of blue, and endless forests, with creatures of all types. It's a beautiful, faultless utopia, a perfect, mirror reflection of the true you. 
Here, you know nothing but happiness and joy. You are perfect, symmetrical. You are what you've always wanted to be on the inside. 
The sun is always shining here, and nobody can douse out its liquid gold. 
How do you get to this place, you might wonder.
Well, it's quite simple. Reach into the deepest depths of your mind, open your eyes, and just see. 

Message to Readers

this piece is based on imagination, and the unexplored plains of your mind. It's a whole other world, a glorious one. I hope you like it- please review! I would really appreciate it. Comments and likes always helps too.

Peer Review

I really like this because it shows really how much we can achieve with our imaginations. Your description is awesome, and it feels like I'm there in this place. Awesome job!

I really would like to know if this is what you imagine yourself to be, or what you want yourself to be. Either way, I really like it.

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