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My favorite thing to do is write.
When I am writing a story I don't usually say characters names
I started writing when I was 11.
I love writing poetry and short stories
My birthday is February 13th
I live in Texas

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January 18, 2020


It sits in my stomach,
rules the beats of my heart,
pouring under my skin,
and through my shaking limbs.
It grips me and waits
to tear me apart.

In public spaces,
the crowds and faces
spark its power over me.
I count to three
Still, I can barely breathe.
Engulfing my energy
until it's ready to leave.

It leaves me trembling,
as my eyes betray me.
Once more my fears
have brought me to tears.

~ Hayleigh A.


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1 Comment
  • ThePaperSamurai

    Woah this is amazing! The amount of emotion behind your words is phenomenal, great job!

    I can also totally relate to this. ;)

    2 months ago