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It's Starting. (Life Through a Window Prompt)

May 5, 2014

She was having that nightmare again. The one where all of the people she cares about die one by one in one way or another.

Faeble woke up to the sound of police sirens. She could see red and blue flashing lights through her closed eye lids. She tried to ignore the noise by putting her pillow over her head but five minutes later, the police sirens seem to get louder.

Groaning, she climbs out of her cloud-like bed and looks out her bedroom window. There's an ambulance, two firetrucks and a few police cars parked along the dark, quiet street. Four men are pulling a gurney behind them toward the two-story, white Victorian style house across her own home. A few people are standing outside their homes in their night ware, watching the disturbance unfold in front of them.

Squinting her eyes, she tries to decipher the red and orange moving object in one of the upstairs window. The red and orange object seems to move up and down in a calming manner. Her eyes widen in shock when she realizes what it is; a fire. Although the fire is small, it still frightens her.

Faeble watches the five fire-fighters position the hose in front of the window, the man in the front pulls the level towards him. The water seems to flow out at the speed of light and instantaneously puts out the hunger-stricken fire.

Approximately five minutes later, the first four men drag the gurney back out of the house. The dim street light allows Faeble to see a pudgy human body lying on the gurney. Squinting her eyes once more, she sees that it's her neighbor, old Mrs. Gregarious, and that her chest isn't moving.

Right then and there Faeble realizes one thing, it's starting.


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