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***hey so i'm turning 19 this year so i'm going back and rewriting some of my old work. thanks to wtw for everything i've done here. i didn't take advantage of it nearly enough, but i am grateful.

romeo, pt 1

February 20, 2021


I see your face and arrows spring from my chest. 
Roses bloom around the wound,
Thorny vines intertwine about the arrow, pushing it deeper into my heart.
Every time you smile,
I feel your arms lift me into the sky 
And twirl me around.
You whisper the sweetest nothings  
As I come to rest in your arms. 
We may be young and foolish,
And the future uncertain,
But I know I would pull down the stars themselves 
And rearrange mine to align with yours. 


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  • Ava Marie

    This is so beautiful! I love it

    3 months ago