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As I am cleaning out my WTW portfolio, I find pieces that I forget about and find some need to repost it and see what people would think.

your hug was everything i needed, it was better than the words: 'i love you'

May 6, 2020



i'm experiencing that unnamed feeling; where all i want is a hug. to be held in the arms of someone who cares, with the words "it'll be alright", whispered in my ears.
but here, i didn't know anyone like that.

here's not my hometown, though my family wants me to call it so-no my home town is where i came from, where i wish to be now. it's the roaring waves that would call to me, screaming me to come out and play. it's the ghetto where i was housed, with gang bangers that we're dangerous but loved me so. it's the smell of wet sand that floated all the way to the school playgrounds, tugging you closer. it's the yelling of an overpopulated city no bigger than a penny, where even a shuffle toward the left hits someone right in the butt.
that's my home town, not this place.
i reside here, in the middle of nowhere. where lie vast amounts of cornfields and country boys driving tractors. where the only music they know is those of dirt roads and the hitting of boots on wood. where there's a distinct line between the druggies and everyone else, that even the teachers know about. where if you looked on a map, you couldn't see it without a microscope.

i just moved here a year ago, but i remember that horrid day as though it was yesterday. the way my clean white vans hit the dirt road. 
when school finally took hold of me, i tried to show the best parts of me. but it's hard when there isn't that many. made fast friends and lots of frenemies. never found someone that reminded me of the city boy i had fallen in love with.
that was, until you.
came to you as a magnet would a fridge, and oh boy were we opposites attracting.
you had these big life plans about being in the military, wanting to go off and take orders from some unbearable, yelling, ordering around higher-ranked man than you. "fight for my country" were the very words you bled and that reminded me of my dad. so i came to you. befriended you. wanted to get to know you.
and i loved it.

i fell hard and fast, my wings were so burnt afterword i knew i couldn't ever fall again. i was some clueless city girl with a beach girl vibe, and you were a military brat with secrets and stories, that i liked.
so when i called you crying on accident, i immediately hung up. i knew i blew it. that desperation never won over anyone's love.
you texted me soon after, asking what was wrong. all i simply said was, i need a hug.

five minutes and thirty seconds, a number i know because of my phone. that's how long it took for you to respond, but you texted words i never expected: check you door.
running downstairs from my room, i threw open the front door, startled to see you.
wearing that damn uniform.
god, i was so in love with you.

suddenly, before i said anything, your arms wrapped around me and you whispered those blessed words: "it'll be alright." and from then i knew, that maybe, just maybe, i could forever be with only you. and that'd me alright.
lowercase intentional.
Finished: 1/16/2020


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  • Wisp

    Heart-wrenching. I got the chills reading this (Not in that scared kinda way, more of like the way where emotions are at their height and pricks at your skin). Man, I can totally relate to that feeling of wanting a hug, strong arms pulling you close and feeling reassuring as someone tells you it'll be alright. This has me wanting a hug now.
    And this whole piece, gosh the descriptions are astounding and everything is just blessed. The title too, ugh everything is just so brilliant.

    about 1 year ago
  • elliem

    Also, you were wondering when I would post my contest, and the time has come! Here’s the link:

    Thank you for always supporting me and hopefully you like the prompts. :) <3

    over 1 year ago
  • elliem

    This is so gorgeous. It restores my faith in humanity a little. You’re such a talented writer!! Your characters here have such a complicated and beautiful history. Let me know if you continue!

    over 1 year ago
  • Madelyn (Carolina Girl)

    This is amazing. I have no words. My goodness. How are you such a good writer!? Please check out some of my work. :)

    over 1 year ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    I have no idea how to express my love for everything about this piece... It's so profoundly beautiful in its pure sincerity. That's not the right word, but not even Grammarly can help me with this one. I just love it.

    over 1 year ago
  • Anha

    oh. my. goodness. this piece is everything. the rustic/suburban setting? the dissonance between the narrator and their surroundings? the easy undulation between beautiful descriptions and simple colloquialisms? perfection.

    over 1 year ago
  • Dmoral

    the last sentence, *me should have been *be

    over 1 year ago