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By: emmevelasquez


Home isn't where I'm from 
It's not where I was born and raised 
And it's certainly not where I live  
The truth is 
I don't know where home is 
I haven't found it yet 
But I know it's out there somewhere 
Hopefully one day I'll find it 
I can't wait to find it 
I can't wait to go home  

Peer Review

I think we all have that feeling that none of us are truly "home." Some people may think 'home' is an otherworldly place, while some just may not know and/or experienced what a home is.

I think you can engage a little more into why you don't know where home is, or where you think you might find "home."

Reviewer Comments

Hi there, welcome to WtW. I enjoyed this piece, so well done! Always keep writing.