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and i peeled back your golden skin only to find a human

By: weirdo


strange how such a starful being can be so human in essence; 
i looked beyond your beauty only to find blood and bones, 
and it’s occurred to me that god is an angel on a high pedestal, 
a worshiped personification of greed (but i can’t say that
 in the presence of these self proclaimed saints; i’m sorry, Father)

and maybe you’re a goddess, but mankind will always be 
stained on your magenta soul, ingrained in your moon rock skull,
buried in your pupils, and traced back to your hidden scars,
i broke my own vow, fell for imperfection yet again, 
like a fool drunk on lust and starvation and you
and don’t dare say you love me; my heart can’t bear humanity.

Peer Review

The entire piece was absolute gold! The use of description is astounding, and I love how you show human imperfection throughout this piece, and I love the lines, "...fell for imperfection yet again....and you." I love how these lines show that we all tend to make mistakes for mere desires.

This piece is a true masterpiece, nothing needs to be changed.!

Reviewer Comments

Well done! Absolutely amazing! Always keep writing!