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"people often reveal their true colours when they are held accountable for their actions; there are those who want to make amends and improve their behaviour and those who don't."
- amalia costa (wtw alum)

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december 2019 wtw highlights

February 3, 2020


i can't believe december has come and gone. perhaps it was because of the giving spirit of christmas, but the community came in full force of talent and brilliant examples of writing this month. without further ado, let me bring your attention to the exceptional work and these writers in december.

(for easier navigation, control+f to check if a piece or writer you submitted appears in this list. if it's not, don't fret! there's plenty more gems to sort through while you're here. take your time.)

norah's 12/11/19
I must memorize my entire life, as I fall asleep, I agonize about the moments I will miss the most, I smell last year’s trip to Europe on the wind.

marsan's alma
It felt as if the story had been branded onto her mind, red-hot iron filling her skull with thick smoke once it touched her.

ghostlyglory's a night i remember
Esther grins and laughs, loud and vaguely manic. It’s nearly 12 AM, which is far past my usual bedtime but just around when the most untamed and wonderful parts of her burst to life.

agustdv's a t l a s
i, eighteen, the age anne frank never reached, a hammer to my skull and suitcases under my eyes

surly wombat's and it is dark, and it is dark, and it is dark
one last second to leave your lungs behind before we disappear; and
it is dark, and it is dark, and it is dark

elisa's but always keep them on a leash
whose ashes am i standing on?
whose bones am i breaking? i snap my tendons
and strike a match.

r|a|i|n's celestial
and a fist milky with
sweat reaches
for the bible on my nightstand
and i am fearful of the things
i do not know

angela chen's chrysanthemum tea
But very quickly, the familiarity of our crème-walled complex, the warmth of fall, the popping of oil and salt and pork after four in the afternoon—all of it froze, cracked, and turned into cough syrup, the under-seasoned soup of the hospital canteen, and the chill of something unpleasant, impending.

paigepaigepaige's cornus florida var. rubra
                              and the longing 
wraps around       me fast and thick
like       a san francisco fog

efflorescence's darling
She didn’t know what freedom looked like until he came to her windowsill one night, perched like a bird ready to startle into flight.

grace coppola's disappearer
I should have collected and stored raindrops in my pocket when I had the chance. Now, my pockets are just full of sand. My cup is empty.

dmoral13's failing expectations
and pursuing them didn't help, 'cause all hope in humanity was lost and earth no longer held herself up on two legs but instead limped along and that's unexpectedly expected for both them and i.

n.'s false alarm
meet me halfway to the moon with paperclips and cinnamon gum and remind me why the earth still spins.

norah's geranium
And suddenly the bus is a greenhouse: the windows fogged with the storm outside, smelling of cinnamon.

norah's heavy with
I am heavy with Irene Butter, who called Anne Frank
Anna, and threw clothes over barbed wire
in a bundle, in the dark and suffocation of watch towers.

she's-got-a-story's i rsvp'd no due to prior engagements of the tragic type
he'll say. 
i never knew. why didn't you 
just tell me then? it 
killed me, he'll say, when you never came.

marsan's if you ask.
If you ask a human how long will the War last, he'll surely tell you "As long as it has to".

loveletterstosappho's in biology we dissected a pig and i saw myself in its gut
s​pread open so wide its vulnerability
split my heart, too. legs bound, dripping
with formaldehyde.

agustdv's india
i sound accusatory
i sound bitter, i know
my mentor is my country;
barricades strung like fairy lights
outside my ancestral home

norah's jetsam/flotsam
we drive out late and she is watching from her street corner
plastic bags glowing from her hands, rippling like the surface of a lake

jeily's jupiter's girl
i remember watching you, as you laid down on all the moons, looking up at the black above us. you picked up a star from the corner of your vision, and laid it in your palm. it was from the planet that rains diamonds, wasn't it? you took its star, but i saw it smiling when you did. who wouldn’t?

agustdv's kalamity
they don't stop. they leer. and laugh. and laugh. and laugh.

weirdo's let our shadows be your light
i like to think my demons killed me;
that my knife (a reincarnation of
porcelain dolls and bloodied teacups)
was possessed and plunged into my soul;
my demons and i share fingerprints.

amalia's maria callas as violetta in la traviata, 12" x 14" print: a modern sonnet
La Divina is the triumph of the Greeks, 
we remind ourselves as our economy
crumbles. We are La Traviata, fallen
woman. We are tainted. She is untouchable.

amalia's misogynists can't play chess
He laughs with our fathers now. Some warning joke that
I pretend not to hear.  What it would be like to have power. Not in your father, not in your husband, not in your womb. but in you.

_nsbb's mourning doves
equality is a word clear as mud - thick as a cloud and sweet as blood
freedom is free like the planets revolving around the sun
ellipses in ellipses in ellipses we go
merry go 'round till the witches fall down

agustdv's nobody loves december like i do
this joy is my quietus. i fall in love with the whimsical nuisance of the silky strands of rain; the strange liberation of swinging on damp tyres, the oh so blue sky and the oh so low clouds. all i can think of is how much it will hurt once this december comes to an end.

kate gardner's on hands
as if the spilled spinnings of many beads, lost beneath the tables when the necklace breaks
could be picked, each one, and strung again

jasmine_k's poet's block
for when the words are floating, in between
two worlds dragonflies for when you are a city girl and have not known
wildfire smoke
for when the glass is frosted and you
are allergic to sugar.

norah's riparian rights
the dotted lines have never breathed a word of truth
not to anything but scarred maps, co-conspirators laying
down their bodies for the freedom to walk along
weed-laden highways, in the sweat of a new day

paigepaigepaige's scale (b minor)
and we touch to prove we love,
and we are the stars and the trees, newly
woman and newly man, the thick hum
of a cello and the clatter of a cymbal, and then i knew.

aryelee's sea-swallowed
the ocean sings its fury; what can i do but howl back?

jasmine_k's swimming/lessons
they don’t teach you what to do if you want to drown
because maybe drowning is beautiful, or maybe i don’t want to swim anymore
or maybe i wrote this line of this poem and didn’t realize how dark it was
how dark it could be

she's-got-a-story's te puedo ver, and neither of us are listening
it's like opening your eyes during the prayer
and catching someone with eyes also open

the great gabs-by's the art of embalming oneself
I remember that your language does not permit an understanding that my mother had. 

engi_aek's the end
my mind trickles through your fingers
as you grasp through searching for the holy grail
all you find is yourself 
come up empty handed gasping for air
like the swimmer i used to be

burningmidnightoil's the sky will be red you know
the ground is dust & chewed glass mirrors.
green was the yesterday of yesterday.
i’m gone & so are you; dulled evocations.
& when the world has come to an end,
the sky will be red, you know.

charles oleander's there shant be a ripple in the pond, or so thought the lovestruck fisherman
if this is abnormality
then why would one comply?
i throw away all eloquence
for you, my lovely sky

jasmine_k's to make things beautiful
like cupertino’s poet laureate held cocoa butter in her mouth, consuming 
and said,
this poet wrote about racism and made it so, so beautiful.

jasmine_k's to the white boy that called me dramatic
he claimed the reason i won was because i guilt-tripped everyone.
don’t he know he was the only one who felt guilty?

jasmine_k's unholy
what is a honey-girl, brown butter-girl, argan oil dripping down thighs, cumin and coriander what
is a honey-girl but

jenna matus' vignettes of inverted decembers
It's either looking to the past, which I've nestled someplace between my ribs and heart, or wishing for the future so hard that my blood fizzes. Trapped between nostalgia and hope. In limbo, liminal, lost. 

engi_aek's waves
an uneven beat a skip of a note
breath in a cage
throw away the gilded key search blindly for it
tread in place

_nsbb's we the children and our mother's one body
we the children of mother earth
hold her hand as we force the
smoke down her lungs, watching
(carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons,
methane, ozone, nitrous oxide)
as she attempts at holding her breath.

_nsbb's when i was younger,
father, he told me
no matter what i did my words would be
silenced, crucifixion, my existence unholy

marsan's white in the smallest corner of the universe
Armed with plastic flowers, colorful shawls and a faith stronger than that of kings and soldiers, they tenderly cradle their saints between their arms.

weirdo's you can drown in my love
our fingers are tangled together like the blackberry vines surrounding your home; remember the day we threw berries at each other? two girls stained with purple and unexplainable joy, what a sight we must’ve been.


congratulations to all of december's amazing writers! all of these pieces are worth a read, a like, and a comment if you feel so inclined (and you should), and i'd suggest checking out some of the other pieces of mentioned authors as well (rules are rules, i can't accept pieces that didn't come out this month but there are some really good ones that were released a while back). hope this brings a little more recognition to those who deserve it.

on a side note, keep an eye on writers of the world. they haven't released nominations for december yet, but they've got an amazing track record for these kinds of things. they do great things for writers (aka giving them actual reviews for spectacular work). they have a much more organised system than i do, and give prizes for the top pieces in each category. go check them out!
sorry for the wait folks, but i've been busy with some personal stuff. due to some push backs in productivity, expect the 2019 highlights some time in february or march. submissions for january wtw highlights will be open shortly.

check out previous wtw highlights:


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  • engi_aek

    I only just saw this!!!!! ( clearly an understatement.) But these pieces of writing are all so beautiful and I am extremely honored that I was featured here among all these great writers. Especially by you, whose writing I admire so much. Sadly, my account is going to be deactivated in 3 months, when I turn 19.5, but <3 foreverrr

    7 months ago
  • Jenna Matus

    Ah thank you so much for the inclusion! This list is amazing, I'm in awe of the work you do.

    10 months ago
  • Jasmine_K

    Hey, this might seem a tad random and you might not even remember, but you left a comment on my piece, "side note: I utterly despise this." I just wanted to thank you for those words. I have, thankfully, branched out a bit more and am experiencing at the moment, but your comment really made me reconsider the way I think of myself as a writer. I always look forward to your comments and I thought that this would be a good way to let you know- I'm not really sure of the commenting etiquette on WTW.

    10 months ago
  • Deleted User

    <3 congrats you guys!

    10 months ago
  • Amalia

    thank you so much this is so motivating and it's great to see all of these talented writers, thanks for including mine as well! xxx

    10 months ago
  • jaii

    and once again you bless everyone on this site! thank you so much for this list of amazing pieces! and thank you for including some of mine as well; i am truly grateful.

    10 months ago
  • jeily

    the amount of WORK you put into these lists blows me away every single time, so thank you for all the time and effort you spent on this. and thank you for including me, it’s always an honour <3

    10 months ago
  • Ruthh

    You are a GIFT to this SITE I LOVE YOU

    10 months ago
  • babybluelamentations

    and you’ve done it again, anha <3 you are literally the most amazing person on write the world; how. do. you. do. this??? ? i absolutely love being able to discover new pieces and writers, and see that writers i love are getting well-deserved shoutouts in these highlights! i don’t now how you have the energy to do these monthly highlights, but you are a saint and a goddess for it. thank you as always, darling <3

    10 months ago
  • Kate Gardner

    Thank you for the shoutout! Reading your comments on my work always brightens my day!!

    10 months ago
  • Jasmine_K

    Thank you so much for selecting some of my work for this. It's such an honor to find those pieces among such amazing writing! I always look forward to these. xx

    10 months ago
  • N.

    agh this is a great list, the blurbs got me excited to read! thank you for including my piece as well, i'm honored! :) you put so much work into this, and it really shows; thank you for making these highlights! it's a great way for the community to get recognition for their own works and read some really outstanding pieces they may have missed otherwise.

    10 months ago
  • agustdv

    such a comprehensive list!! i cant wait to check them out omg!! and thank you for adding me, i feel so humbled.

    as always, you're doing great work Anha. im sure we all appreciate it :)

    10 months ago