Isla-Grace Davies

United Kingdom

My name is Isla and I always try to do the write thing.

Dressing Up

January 14, 2020


We used to raid our mothers’ cupboards and
Steal all of their fancy clothes, play princess.
Sometimes I was a dragon, in a 
Green dress and Green pumps that she 
Loved. But her feet were much too small.
She was always much smaller than me.
Which made me think that maybe 
She was a fairy.

In the church,
I couldn’t see what she was wearing, they’d 
Nailed shut her cradle because there were too many
Bits of her to look human. So I just
Stared at her photo when they started to talk
And I watched her glimmering behind the glass
Until her face stopped looking like a face
And looked more like a blot.

Her brother wore jeans, and I, the Green pumps,
And Paisley Ellis wore a black tulle monstrosity
And said Are you Alright? 
And I said Yes. Which was a lie but
Everyone in the church knew that I was not Alright 
At funerals, you’re meant to say that you’re Alright
Because you’re not the person who’s dead.
Even if you think otherwise.


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