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I am NOT the best writer and will never claim to be, but I still love to, and nothing can change that.

Message to Readers

This Is a little spoiler because I can't post Chapter two yet so I made this to keep you guys interested. Leave your opinion of the spoiler so I can see what you think. Enjoy!

Ichor's Oath (Spoiler to The Crippled Empire)

January 14, 2020



I know your there, watching me. I know your trying to stop me, but why? I'm just a child, yet you fear me. You read my dairy just for the hopes of finding the rebels, to destroy the rest of what matters to me. I hope you realize that refuse to give you their location. I am aware that I am the Fragment of Calamity and can defeat you. Well, here's a warning. I'm coming for you, Don't think you can run. I know your strategies a little to much. I'm coming for you, no matter how hard you delay it, I will kill you. Just because you can control your powers doesn't mean you can kill me. try to kill me, Profanity, just like you did to the others.

                                            End of Spoiler


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