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A charmed bracelet

January 14, 2020

Once Upon a time, there was a princess named Chloe, and she had beautiful blue eyes like ocean and silky long hair the same color as honey, and she lived in a big castle at a big town far away from all the cities, the town of Earlou. Chloe lived in the castle along with her mother, queen Amelia Lindsey; her brother, who had two years less than Chloe, the prince Tyler; and her father, the King Charles Wayne. Chloe was very happy with her life, she had everything she wanted: a lot of beautiful dresses, plenty of crowns and jewelry, a lot of friends in the royal school, and much more things. All days after school, Chloe went to Lucy’s castle, Chloe’s best friend, and they were always together and told each other all their secrets. Last thing Chloe shared with her friend was:
 “Lucy, I have a new crush.” Chloe said. 
“Ohhhhhh… Chloe, tell me who is it.” teased Lucy. 
“It is… prince Andrew, but please, don’t tell anyone that I like him, if not people will laugh at me.”
“Promise.” said Lucy.
The next day, both friends went to school. They were happy to see each other again. At tea time at the royal school, all people were seated at the tables of the big dining room. Chloe, was a very popular girl, and her table was always full of people, but the only person she wanted to be sitting with, was her new crush: prince Andrew, but he never noticed her. 
After school, Chloe wanted to go to her castle. She was in her carriage, pulled by two beautiful white horses, going to her castle, but at the middle of her way home, a wheel fell from the carriage. She was very upset and got off the carriage, so that somebody could fix it. Meanwhile, she entered a jewelry shop in front of her now broken carriage, because she always wanted more rings and necklaces, she loved those things. She saw hall by hall, and all the jewelry that there was at the shop, but the only thing that caught her attention, was a bracelet full of beautiful charms, so she bought it. 
When the carriage was fixed, Chloe could finally get to her castle, and when she got off her carriage, she went to her room so happy with her new bracelet. She took it out of the box it was packed, and tried it on. But when she put it on, a bright flash came from nowhere, but she thought that was because it’s diamonds on some of the charms shined a lot. She saw a weird charm, it was white color and had a form of a hero mask, and when she twisted it to see the other side of the charm, she was dressed in a white, superhero costume and mask, but she was really scared. She saw herself in  a mirror and when she touched the mirror to see that all that wasn’t an illusion, the mirror froze. She saw her hands and discovered she had powers. She tried to see what else she could do and she find out that had a lot of different powers: flying, fire, water control, and many more things. She thought that all this stuff was really exciting, but thought that all this needed to be a secret, and she wanted to be a superhero to help people.
Next day at school, she had her new bracelet on, but she didn’t twist it so that she could not transform to superhero. Lucy noticed her new bracelet and told her it was really beautiful. But she didn’t pay much attention, she was looking at Andrew. She couldn’t get over it, she thought that he was really handsome, and she thought that maybe, if she was a great superhero with another name and identity, he would fall in love with her, so she thought all the day a name for her new identity. And finally, she found her new name: Emma.
Next day, she pretended to go to school, but when she arrived to the royal school, she went to hide behind a wall and transformed. That day, was her first day as superhero and using her superpowers, and she helped a lot of people: she stopped people of stealing, she raised a tree that had fallen to a train track so the train would continue, she saved animals, and much more things. That day, she was officially known as Earlou’s greatest protector and superhero. 
The day after, she went to school and all the princes and princesses were talking about Emma, a great and beautiful superhero, even though people couldn’t see her face or know her identity. But Lucy had a question:
”Chloe, what happened to you yesterday? You didn’t come to classes.”
Chloe wasn’t prepared to answer that question, but she couldn’t tell her friend the truth.
“Oh, I felt bad and a doctor came to see me, but he said that I needed to stay at home” Chloe faked.
“Sureee…”  Answered Lucy, not-so convinced about the lie Chloe just told her.
After school, Chloe twisted the mask charm on her bracelet and transformed to a superhero, but when she went to a roof of a house to search people to help, she saw someone with powers. She ran and jumped over houses, and a boy around her age with a black superhero suit and costume was sitting waiting for her. 
”Hi, Emma.” The other superhero said.
“Hi… emm, who are you?” answered Chloe.
“My name is Allan, and I am a superhero, but it would be a pleasure for me work with you, and be… partners to help people together, as a team.” Allan proposed.
“Hmm… I don’t know you, but I think it could be a good idea. But, since when you are a superhero? I haven’t heard about you never.” Continued Chloe.
“Literally, since today. I found this ring that when you press a button, gives you powers” 
When they were talking, a big sound was heard and a bank was getting stealed by people.
“Are you ready to go on our first mission together?” Questioned Allan.
“More than ready” Answered Emma, that was still Chloe’s hero name.
So they went and stopped the stealers from the bank, and now, both of them were known as heroes of Earlou. 
They became really good partners and friends as the days passed saving Earl, but still, neither Chloe nor Allan knew who each other were, or if they knew themselves in real life when they weren’t superheroes, and Chloe still lived with her secret and she never told anyone she was Emma, the superhero. She was still waiting that some day, the prince Andrew will get close to Emma, but he never went over her, but she continued with her life. Also, by the time passed and Chloe disappeared and Emma appeared, Lucy got angry with Chloe, because she never told her where she was, she couldn’t tell her, so they stopped being friends, and now, Lucy was the most popular princess in the school, and Chloe had almost no friends. That made her sad, and she wanted to be friends again with Lucy, but she couldn’t tell her the secret. 
As more days passed saving Earl with Emma’s new partner, Allan, he was getting very close to her, but he wanted to be more than a friend to Emma, he loved her. Even though Chloe did noticed it, she didn’t pay much attention, she still prefered Andrew than his friend, Allan.
One day, a third person appeared with powers, but he wasn’t using them for good, he was making a mess in Earl with his powers. When this happened, Allan and Emma came to view, but they were worried that someone else had a piece of jewelry that gave superpowers. 
“What are we going to do?” Said Chloe.
“Well… I don’t know. Who so you think might be?”
“Hmm… I don’t know, there are plenty of people in Earl, it could be any person.” Chloe said
They both got a little closer to the masked man and they found out that he was saying something:
“Emma and Allan, give me your bracelet and ring that gives you superpowers, if not, I will destroy all Earl, and nobody will be safe.” Declared the villain. “And you can call me Azcar.” He finished.
“Why would he want our bracelet and ring if he has his own powers?” Asked Allan.
“I don’t know, but this is really weird. The only thing I do know, is that we need to stop him from destroying Earl, if not my fath…” She didn’t finished her sentence, she couldn’t say to Allan that the king was her father. “the king will be in trouble” Declared Emma.
“That’s right.” 
They went over and tried to fight Azcar, but he seemed to be older than both of them, and had better fighting skills. 
“Do you know why I want your bracelet and ring?” Asked Azcar. “Well, I think you don’t know, so I will explain you. At the moment a person has both jewels, the ring of destruction, and the bracelet of creation, and activated them both, the person who own them can have infinite powers, and can do anything he or she wants to, but for every action, there is a reaction, which means that if you want someone to come alive, someone need to die. That’s why I want them, I want something someone took out of me. This way, maybe you can see it as a way of kindness, and maybe you can reason and give me your bracelet and ring by the good way, and if not, by the bad way.”
“We will never give you our bracelet or ring!” Emma complained.
“So, I think it will be by the bad way” Said furiously Azcar, and he immediately went over Emma and Allan and as soon as Azcar came over them, they were using their powers to stop him.
“We need to have a plan” Allan said.
“Well, do you have any plan?” Emma said while using her water powers over Azcar and sending him through the air with a strong shot of water.
“Mmmmm… well I don’t, but maybe you have an idea, you always have the greatest ideas ever” Replied Allan.
“Maybe, I do have a plan. But first I need to…” Emma was between Azcar and Allan when she used her hands to create a force field bubble where they were inside just Allan and Emma, and nobody from the outside of the bubble could do anything while they were inside, and they could not been heard by the people from the outside. “Well, my plan is to use our invisibility powers, run and hide in a secure place where nobody can see us, and then, the most difficult part where we will need to know our secret identities. I know it will be hard, but Azcar is way too powerful, so someone of us… will need to use both things: the bracelet and the ring at the same time, and gather their powers to finally defeat Azcar.” Emma finished, and Azcar was trying to get through the force field bubble, and he was about to get it with all his powers.
“What are you talking about?! We don’t even know if that’s true, and if it was, we don’t know how will it work or if it’s too dangerous. Sorry Emma, I always think your ideas are the best, but this time, I think we can’t risk that much, let’s find another way out of this one” Said Allan.
“Come on Allan, I know it is too dangerous and we don’t know what exactly will happen, but I think this is the only option we have. I mean, do you have another idea in which we won’t risk ourselves, but still, win Azcar?”
Azcar, was still trying to get into the bubble, and this time, the force field was all cracked like a crystal ball and was about to break.
“Hmm… fine, let’s do this. But first, where do we go and meet up?” Called desperately Allan.
“I know exactly the right place to do it. Allan, I know this will be so hard, but if we want our plan to work, we will need to know the other one’s true identity. You will know who I am, and I’ll know who you are. Are you fine with this idea? I don’t want to do something that you don’t or think you will regret.” Said sweetly Emma, and Allan was hearing her as if he was in a trance. The more time he was with her, the more he was in love with her, but he knew it was hard for him to see her true identity.
“Well, it is obviously too risky and maybe it all will be different, but I know that we can keep the secret of who we truly are with the rest of the people. We will only know each other’s identity, but the rest of the world will still know us as Emma and Allan, Earl’s greatest superheroes.” Said finally Allan, grabbing Emma’s hands and both seeing each other’s face. They stood like that for some seconds, just staring at each other with their hands together, and their faces were getting closer, they were about to kiss when the force field bubble collapsed.
“Now it will be your end kids.” Azcar said angrily.
Emma and Allan were at the sides of Azcar when Emma ran and said in Allan’s ear:
“Allan, just get invisible and get to Earlou castle’s garden, wait for me and we will take over our plan.”
“Fine, Emma”
Allan just got invisible when Emma was still fighting with Azcar, and as soon as she thought that she gave enough time to Allan to ran away, she used her optical illusion power to create a lot of fake Emmas and she went also invisible and got her own way to the castle, leaving Azcar fighting with false Emmas that soon they will be vanished.
Emma ran to her castle and at the garden, she saw Allan, that was still Allan, but when she was in front of Allan she said:
“Allan, we need to hurry up, but who is going to use both the ring and the bracelet?”
“Emma, I think that if you truly think this will work, you should use them because you always think better than both of us, but if you are not sure what will happen, I think the best idea is that I use them, so that you won’t get hurt.” Said softly Allan.
“I know it will work Allan, I have my hopes on”
“Fine Emma, you can do it.”
Emma took Allan inside the castle and they entered through a window and entered a room that was full of things: a bed, lots of toys, portraits and photos of the royal family of Earl, a desk, a lot of crowns and dresses, jewelry and more toys, a coffee table and a bookshelf and sort of thing that would be inside of a princess room, but the weird thing was that it was full of spiderwebs, and all full of dust, this wasn’t Chloe’s room.
“What are we doing in here? If they catch us inside the castle, we are going to be in trouble.” Said Allan
“No Allan, in this room no one is going to enter, no one hasn’t in a long time.”
“But… we are not supposed to enter the castle Emma.”
“I think it is time to see our true identities.” Emma took out her bracelet and her powers and she was dressed in the clothes she was wearing just before transforming to Emma. She was in a nice, blue dress and had a little but beautiful crown on. “Allan, my true name is Chloe, and I am the princess of Earlou.”
Allan was so amazed by watching that the girl he loved so much and had great adventures with, was a princess, but he thought that maybe when she saw who he really was, she wouldn’t accept him anymore. But still, Allan believed in Chloe, so he took off his ring.
“Chloe, my true name is Alex, but I am just another citizen of Earlou.” Said deceptionated Alex, with his head looking at the floor.
“You are not just another citizen Alex, you are my partner superhero, who saved a million times Earlou and had always been there for me.” Said Chloe, watching Alex with a sweet smile on her face and Alex also watching her, but suddenly, both of them realized that they were wasting their time and had almost no time before Azcar could find them so they began working again and were doing things faster.
“Here Emma, or Chloe, take my ring, but please, don’t risk yourself that much, because if something passes to you, my life would not be the same.”
“Alex, don’t be that exaggerated, I know I will be fine.” Said Chloe as she was putting on her bracelet and Alex’s ring.
“But wait, if you are Chloe the princess of Earlou, this is your castle right?”
“Oh, yes.”
“Of who is this room? I think it is not yours because it looks like if it were no people for a long time in this room.”
“Oh, this room was of my little sister, princess Emily, but she died when she was four years old, now no one ever had talked of her, and my family is not the same one since that happened, but they always try to keep it a secret.” Said Chloe a little melancholic.
“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to…” Said Alex, but he was interrupted by Chloe.
“It is okay, I am now another girl and I learned through these years that if something bad passes in life, you need to continue with your life, and overcome the obstacles.”
There was an awkward silence for a little while and again, they both realized they were wasting time. Chloe was activating the bracelet and the ring, but this time the transformation was different. Chloe felt pain all over her body, and she was raised by a black and white light, she was getting dressed in a hero suit that had both, white and black colors, and a dark gray mask, but while she was transforming, a loud sound was heard from all around of her, and Alex, was scared of what could happen to Chloe. Finally, the sounds, the light and the pain Chloe felt all stopped at the same time.
“Are you okay Emma?” Said very preoccupied Allan.
“I think so, but it hurt a lot.” Explained Chloe with a face of tiredness.
“I told you this wasn’t a good idea Emma”
“Well, I know it is risky, but we need to know if our plan works.” Said Emma looking at herself again in a mirror from her sister’s room. “But I didn’t understand how does it works, so you will need to help me, Alex. The part I didn’t understand that much, was that for every action, there is a reaction.
“Well, I didn’t understand either, but I think that the rest of the use of those powers are still the same as if we had only the ring or the bracelet, but only more powerful.”
“Well, that’s true. I guess so… Let’s better get going and defeat Azcar”
“Wait, what am I supposed to do while I don’t have my ring? All people will know I am Allan if I don’t have my suit on.”
“Well, I guess we need to find you some clothes and hide your true identity.”
“I guess that’s true.”
After some time of finding clothes for Allan,they both ran over Azcar where he stood, he was still there, trying to find Allan or Emma and when he turned around, he saw that Emma was using the ring and the bracelet.
“How could you Emma, this is very powerful for you, you are not ready.” Said Azcar.
“So now you are trying to protect me? Don’t even try Azcar, you are already defeated, we only need a strategy.”
“Yeah well I have my own strategies.” Said Azcar with a mysterious tone of voice, and at the moment he finished his sentences he ran towards Allan, and held him up with his hands by the shirt. “Give me the bracelet and the ring, or I’ll make sure you don’t see him never again. And don’t waste much of your time thinking, because he has no powers to defend himself and both of you know that kicking skills won’t be enough to escape from me.”
Emma froze at the last words and things Azcar did. She was in shock. How could he bring Allan to fight without powers? She felt so horrible, she was thinking only in herself and having all the powers that she didn’t thought in Allan and his protection. She felt like a big wave of water and madness just slapped her face.
“Emma, tic tac, you have two options: Use your brain and defeat me and save Earlou but never see your friend again, or be weak and only save your useless friend.”
“I… I…” Said Emma but no words came out of her mouth completely, she didn’t know what to do.
“Emma, don’t think that much. Just choose save Earlou, it’s better saving lots of people than saving only one. You can’t give him our bracelet and ring.” Said very convincingly Allan.
Emma knew she had to make a decision, and she almost had no time but she didn’t know what to choose. Finally she made a decision.
“Azcar, what you are doing is not fair, but I already did my decision.” Said almost crying Emma.
“Well I can’t wait to hear what you decided.”
“I choose… Save my friend and partner and give you my bracelet and Allan’s ring.”
“Nooooo… Emma don’t do this.” Said Allan, with a big shout.
“Oh yes, I will finally get revenge on the world.” Said with fury Azcar.
“But just let me get the bracelet and ring out of me hided, so nobody can see who I really am.” 
“No way, I also want to see who you truly are. And until you give me the bracelet and ring, I will free your friend.”
“What? That wasn’t the deal”
“Well now it is if you still want to see your friend around here.”
“Fine” Emma said. And at the moment she said this, she closed her eyes and sighed before getting out the ring and bracelet. And when she did, the same thing happened than when she put them both on. Pain. White and black light. Big sounds. Then, all stopped, and when it did, the girl that was once in a hero suit and was Emma, now it was a princess with her blue eyes and beautiful honey-colored hair, with those waves that made her hair unique.
“No way” Said Azcar with a face of angriness combined with madness eyes.
“Are you happy now? You already know who I am. Now take the ring and bracelet and let out my friend.” Said the princess.
“Why would you do this!?!?!?” Said very angry Azcar.
“What are you talking about? you told me you wanted to see who–” Tried to say Chloe, but she was cut off by Azcar.
“I am not talking about that. I mean why would you do this… Chloe.”
“How do you know my name?” Chloe asked Azcar, and a long pause of silence filled the air. But suddenly, Azcar took away his own jewelry with powers. It was a shiny silver pin that was in his villain suit, now his elegant suit, and the moment he transformed again, the person that was standing just a few steps from Chloe was his own father.
“What? Dad? What are you trying to do? I can’t believe you are Azcar.”
“Well I can’t believe that you are Emma. Just think it over, my own daughter tries to stop me. Can’t I have enough power to control people being the king and your father?”
“So all this was only for that? So you can have more power than being a king? Is that what you wanted dad? Destroy people’s lives and homes, scare them, have more power for yourself?” The tone in Chloe’s and the king’s voice had changed drastically, knowing that they were arguing of serious things, and Allan was still there, in silence.
“So now I am the bad one? The truth is that I want your bracelet and Allan’s ring to bring again to life your little sister, my daughter.”
 This words filled Chloe’s face of tears, she knew her dad wanted her sister alive, but Chloe knew that what he was doing wasn’t right, and that if he wanted to give life to a person, he needed to take another person’s life away–for every action there is a reaction–and it just wasn’t fair.
“No more words Chloe, just give me the ring and bracelet and you’ll come with me. You are punished for life.”
“What? Dad! You can’t do this to me, I just wanted to save people.”
Azcar didn’t wanted to hear his daughter, so the only thing he did was throw Allan back to the floor really hard and took the ring and bracelet out of Chloe’s hand and he put them on. Chloe went straightly to Allan’s side, and she saw that he was weak by how Azcar just threw him. Azcar was just transforming with the pain and lights when Chloe’s face was above Allan’s.
“Allan, Allan, come on, I know you can stand up.”
“Chloe, I don’t know if I can stand any longer the pain, cut if it wasn’t for you and your choice, I would be dead by now. Thank you, friend.”
“What are you talking about Alex, I know we can still stop my father, together.”
“How Emma? I am really weak and none of us has powers. How are we going to stop him?”
By this time, Azcar was already transformed and when this happened, he went straight to Chloe and pulled her as she started crying.
“Don’t get close again to my useless daughter do you hear me?!” Azcar said angrily at Allan while he gave him a kick in the leg.
“Dad! Stop! Don’t hurt him!” Said Chloe crying.
“Oh shut up Chloe, we are going to the castle”
After this, the king opened a portal that went straight to Emily’s room, Chloe’s sister, and the king threw Chloe to the ground, without saying anything and for surprise to Chloe, his father opened a door that was on the ground, below a carpet that was in the room, and out of that door, his father took out a body. It took seconds to Chloe to realize that the body was her sister’s.
“I give one life for another” Said the king with his hands moving above Emily’s body. “Please give this girl life, for exchange of the life of a boy, the superhero with the name of… Allan.”
“Noooooooo!!! Dad you can’t do this, he hasn’t done a wrong thing!” Shouted Chloe, with all her force.
“Why can’t I do this? I have the power for doing it and that’s a boy I don’t want to see never in my life.”
“But you promised me that you will let him go free if I gave you the ring and the bracelet.”
“Well I can change my mind whenever I want. And by the way, why would you want him alive?”
“Because I… because I love him dad, and I love him more than anyone else.”
“Oh no, that’s all? So you prefer a normal citizen than your own sister?”
“No I don’t, but what you are doing is not correct dad. You can’t take a life from someone that has the opportunity to live his life, just to bring life to someone that already took her opportunity to live.”
Then, Chloe went over her dad abruptly taking away Allan’s ring, and when she tried to take away from him her bracelet, he was transforming again in his royal clothes. She took this as advantage to take away her bracelet and when she got it, his father was still in the beacon of light and she ran away from the castle. She put only her bracelet on and transformed, and she went to look for Alex. She found him where he was earlier, in the same conditions.
“Alex, we need to finally defeat Azcar, together.”
“You came for me”
“Yes, and I wouldn’t leave you here again or risk your life without protection. That’s why I want to return you this.” Chloe said, giving Alex his ring, but he wasn’t in condition.
“Emma, I don’t know if I can do this, maybe you should do it yourself, and you can take me to the hospital later if you want.” He said with a soft giggle and half-smile, but then, that expression was lost from Alex’s face, and a cough came from him.
“Allan, or Alex, I know you are strong, and that you can do it. I can’t continue this without you, just help me… please.”
“You are unstoppable, you know that?” Said Alex getting on his feet while he was putting his ring and transforming, but he still felt pain.
“I knew you could do it.” Said Emma with a smile on her face. “Now let’s get rid of Azcar.”
“But it’s your father, what should we do to him? We can’t kill him”
“No, I guess we need to take his pin off and get him to the strongest jail. We won’t have a king to rule Earlou, and I won’t have a father, but he is dangerous.”
After this words, both of them went to the castle, where they saw the king, in Emily’s room, but he was just watching the floor, he didn’t show any piece of his body trying to move to fight Allan or Emma. So when the superheroes entered, Allan took of the king’s pin and then, Emma and Allan took him to the strongest prison in all Earlou, far away from the castle and the citizens so that he couldn’t be dangerous to people.
“Well after all, I thought it would be worse and more difficult” Said Emma.
“Yeah, but I think he was traumatized to see her death daughter, and that’s why he was more sensible. Well, I think that people now know that we are… you know, Emma is Chloe and Allan is Alex, so we don’t need to hide anymore our identities.” Said Allan.
“Yeah, I think so, we need to continue our life and… live. Alex, I need to say something to you.”
“Yes. What’s wrong?”
Emma wanted to tell Allan that she loved him, even more than prince Andrew, but she didn’t know how to do it.
“I just wanted to tell you… thanks for everything you’ve done for me and for protecting me.”
“Is that all?”
“No… I… I… I love you Alex.”
“I love you too, Chloe.”
And when they finished talking, they gave a big hug and they kissed each other. And after the kiss, Allan said something.
“Chloe, I think I need to go to the hospital, you know to be checked and heal. See you later.”
That night, Chloe went to her castle and found her mother crying, and she told her that tomorrow, they needed to take a big decision, who would be Earlou’s leader.
Next day came back to normal ones, and she went to school. She went over to Lucy, the girl that once was her best friend because she wanted to talk to her.
“Lucy, I think you now know why I sometimes skipped classes, or I never went to your castle again. I think you already know I am Emma, and I wanted to tell you, that I am sorry, I want you to forgive me because I didn’t tell you that I was her, but I needed to keep it a secret.”
There was a silence before something passed between the two princesses, but then, Lucy gave Chloe a big hug.
“Oh Chloe, I couldn’t be one more second without being your friend, and the truth is, that I also have my secrets. I should never do what I did to you. I am sorry.”
And with these words, they became friends again, and Chloe was still popular and now even more that everyone knew she was Emma. But then, something strange happened.
“Hey, emm… Chloe, I wanted to tell you that you are amazing, and that I love you” Said prince Andrew getting close to Chloe’s face, just about to give her a kiss. Chloe thought about all he time she wanted Andrew to notice her, because he was the most popular prince of the school, but she thought that he was terrible because he saw her only when she was another person that all people wanted and not the person that she was in her inside, so when he was about to give her a kiss, she took him out of her.
“Sorry, but I love somebody else.” And then she turned away from him.
After school, Chloe needed to go to her castle to see who will be the leader of Earlou.
After all the people of the town voting, they decided that Chloe should be the next queen of Earlou. Chloe was so happy to know that she would lead a kingdom, and she went straightly to Alex room in the hospital to tell him the news.
She entered the room with a box of chocolates for him, and he was still in his bed, trying to recover from what her father had done to him.
“Hey, you are here Chloe”
“Yes, I wanted to tell you something Alex.”
“I am the new leader of Earlou! I will be the queen!”
“Well, that’s awesome Chloe.”
“And I also wanted to tell you other thing. Alex, would you be my king? I need someone to rule with and I know you will be the perfect king for Earlou. What do you think?”
“Chloe, I love you and you know it, but I don’t think people will like a normal citizen as a king. What would all the people think about?”
“Who cares what other people say or thinks? I love you and that’s what matters, and I want to live my life by your side and I won’t let anyone say who I need to be with. Please Alex, be my king.”
Alex got up and sat on his bed, and then he kissed Chloe
“Does that answers your question?”
“Yes” Said Chloe with a big smile on her face. “It answers my question” And they kissed again.
Both of them lived happily ever after, they became queen and king of Earlou, they still were superheroes and saved millions of people, all people were happy with their new kings and Alex and Chloe got married.


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