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Little Blue Bear

January 14, 2020

Little blue bear went strolling through the woods, 
He wasn’t red, but blue, without any hoods.  
He was on his way to visit a little old shack 
But had to make it in time, before the sky turned black. 
He was excited to visit his little old Nanny, 
Who sat in her rock chair in her old little cranny. 
He was about a less than a minute away, 
For he could see Nanny on her porch in a sway. 
“Nanny! Nanny!” the little blue bear cried. 
He could see in her lap a fresh knitted scarf lied. 
“Hello little blue bear.” she said in a croaky voice. 
“Nanny, why do you sound like that?” He rejoiced. 
“What do you mean little bear?” she asked. 
“Never mind” little blue bear gassed. 
Little old nanny removed her hat, 
Blue bear gasped, and asked, “Why do your ears look like that?” 
“Little blue bear, my ears may be bigger than others,” 
“But that doesn’t mean I can’t give you smothers.” 
“You’re right,” said little blue bear. 
But then he noticed Nanny’s cold stare. 
“Nanny,” he asked, “Why are your eyes so beaty?” 
“My eyes have always been like this dear sweetie.” 
Nanny held out her paw for little bear to take, 
But little blue bear sighed and didn’t want to shake. 
“Nanny, why are your paws so big?” 
“Blue bear, I am a bear too, I don’t have hands like a pig.” 
“Come with me my dear bear of blue.” 
“We can chat while we eat some stew.” 
She led him into her spacious bear home, 
And asked him to sit, not to roam. 
“Little blue bear, I may not be like other bears,” 
“I may be scary, and not like theirs.” 
“I may be big, and filled with croaks,” 
“But I'm just like you, and we’re just like folks.” 
“We all my be different, big and small,” 
“But we all deserve respect, each one and all.” 


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