I tend to read a lot, so of course, this turned into writing. Combining this with mediocre art skills makes for someone who can't ever decide on a proper hobby.

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I do tend to write abstract-ish works. 'Works' and whatever poems I get inspired to do. And I lowkey have no idea how to use this site. But feedback to help me grow is always really appreciated!


January 16, 2020

PROMPT: One Home

we, of different races, genders, orientations. 

we, of different homes, mothers, lovers. 

we, of different hobbies, statuses, studies. 

each and every one of us lives upon our shared mother. 

the earth provides us with food, shelter, life. 

we laugh, sing, dance, cry, scream, wail. 

we listen to music like a man dying to thirst. 

we draw like our emotions are pouring out of our hands. 

we write like its the last thing we’ll ever do. 

we learn, study, make friends. we go to school, church, work. 

we try good, clothing, customs. 

we share recipes, ideas, love. 

we are born. we live. we die. 

we, of this planet earth. 

we struggle, we flounder,

pushed around, no way out,

saving up for that one last bit.

we sink into the waves of despair.

we leave, we explore. 

fly to outer space with a small box of fuel. 

record what we see. 

space is infinite. we won’t ever bore of exploring. 

but our home is here.

the earth, our supplier, our caretaker. 

we, of this planet earth. 
(This is a rewrite of my previous version, using the advice that I have been given by Megaparsec and mrcollinredwards.)
@Megaparsec Thank you for bringing the errors to my attention.
@mrcollinredwards And thank you for telling me on how to improve upon the detailing of the poem.


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