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Indu in Akkapalem

January 13, 2020

     “Mommy! Please! Don’t leave me here! I wanna go with you!” Indu cried out.

    Her mom turned around and knelt down. “Oh sweetie! You’re going to love it in Akkapalem. You can spend all day eating mangoes and running in the fields. Your grandpa and grandma are going to take very good care of you,” she said, brushing the tears from Indu’s face.

    Taking Indu’s hand, her mom led Indu to her grandma. “We’ll see you tomorrow. Me and daddy love you very much, ok?” Indu’s mom said. 

    She slowly started walking back to the waiting car. “Mommy! DON’T GO!” Indu yelled. Her grandma’s arms tightened around her as she tried to run after the car. 

    “Come, Indu. It’ll be ok. Let’s go eat dinner,” her grandma said, leading her into the house.

    Inside, Indu’s grandpa was arranging the table. “What would you like to eat, Indu?” Her grandfather asked.

    Indu stayed silent, tears still streaming down her face. She could smell the seasoning wafting up from the plates on the table. Her stomach growled in anticipation. 

    “C’mon dear. We know you’re hungry. Your mom told me that you love chicken curry. Why don’t you have some?” Said her grandma, pushing a plate full of rice towards Indu.

    “Fine,” Indu grumbled as she spooned some into her mouth. Robotically, she finished her food and went to bed.


The next morning, Indu woke up to a loud COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOOO. Confused, she got out of bed and walked outside to see her grandpa in a barn full of cows and buffalo.

    “Woah, cool! What are their names?” Indu asked as she walked over to him.

    “Well, the cows’ names are Inky and Pinky. The buffalo’s name is Ponky,” her grandfather said with a smile. Indu laughed and went over to the animals.

    “Hi Inky, Pinky, and Ponky. My name’s Indu. It’s nice to meet you!” She said. 

“Hey! Shoo! Shoo!” A voice rang out from the garden. Indu turned around to see her grandma with a stick and...monkeys?

    “Come on! Shoo!” Her grandma repeated, waving the stick around.

    “grandma! Don’t! You’ll hurt the monkeys!” Indu cried out, running to her grandma.

    “No dear, I would never! All I do is scare them off with the stick. Otherwise, they’d eat all the vegetables in the garden,” her grandma explained.

    She swished the stick again and the monkeys scattered, screeching as they hopped onto the trees and swung away. 

    “What do you grow here grandma?” Indu asked.

    “Well, here we have lemons, oranges, and coconuts,” her grandma said, pointing to each tree. “And over there, we have eggplant, okra, and drumsticks,”.

    “Wait. Drumsticks? Like chicken?!” Indu exclaimed, running to the tree. She slowed to a stop in front of a thin tree with green vegetables as long as her arms. “This definitely isn’t chicken,” she said, confused. She heard her grandma laugh and turned around.

    “No silly. We put these drumsticks in soup and suck on them to eat the pulp. If you want, you can have some now, for lunch. Afterwards, your grandpa wants to take you to the fields. You’re going to go on his motorcycle,” her grandma said.

    “A motorcycle?!” Indu gasped. She’d never been on one before! Once inside, she quickly ate her food and ran to the motorcycle with her grandpa.

    “Someone’s excited,” he said, smiling as he helped her on to the seat. Then he got on, turned on the engine and they were off!

    Indu had never felt anything like it! The wind was in her face, pushing her eyes open. She stuck a hand out to the side and let her fingers ride the air. 

    In just a few minutes, they had arrived at her grandpa’s fields. He helped her off, and together they walked down a dirt path towards some trees. As they got closer, Indu could see that there were actually big, yellow mangoes hanging from the branches!

    Her grandfather picked up a rock and tossed it at a nearby mango. It sailed over the branch and fell back to the ground. Indu laughed as she handed the stone to him. “I’ll get it next time, just watch,” her grandpa, said with a determined look on his face.

    Indu turned and ran into the rice fields. In the distance, she could see other farmers taking their cows out to graze. 

“Yes!” She heard grandfather exclaim. She turned around to see him holding a giant mango in his hand. He took out a small knife and cut the mango into halves.

    “Here you go Indu. Try some,” he said, handing her a half. Indu bit into the sweet mango and hummed in appreciation, quickly devouring the whole fruit.

“That was really, really good!” Indu exclaimed. Then, exhausted from the day, she leaned back against the tree and closed her eyes to rest for a bit.

    “Indu. Indu. Wake up dear. I’m baa-ack,” a voice sing-songed. Indu rubbed her eyes open. Her mom was back!

    “So, how was Akkapalem? Did you like it here? You know, Daddy and I missed you so, so much,” her mom said.
    “Well, if you missed me so much, you shouldn’t have left me behind,” grumbled Indu before reaching up to hug her.
    Her mom laughed. “Well, from the sounds of it, someone wasn’t that sad to be left here anyway,” she said.
    She helped Indu up and together, they walked to the car where her grandpa was waiting on his motorcycle. Her mom got in and waited for Indu to climb in after her. 

    Indu glanced at her grandpa and then back to her mom. “Actually, Mommy? Can I ride with grandpa instead?” She asked. 

    “Well, would you look at that,” her mom said smiling fondly. “Of course you can go. Stay safe and-“. 

    “Yeah, yeah I got it. I’ll race you there!” Indu yelled as she scrambled onto the back of the motorcycle. Her grandpa revved the engine and Indu laughed into the wind as they took off.
please give any feedback. this is my first time writing something like me this. illustrations are up in the air but i do have some ideas.


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