Hannah Meyeres

United States


June 21, 2016

Scene One

MALLORY sits at a dressing table with mascara to her right, and lip stick to her left. A mirror is resting on the wall above the table. A knock is heard.

MALLORY: [picks up the mascara] Come in.

VANNESSA enters. She is middle aged with dark black hair, and wearing a white pantsuit.

VANNESSA: Mallory, Derick is waiting downstairs for you.

MALLORY: [applies mascara] OK.  Thanks Mom. Tell him I'll be down in a minute.

VANNESSA: Alright honey. [door closes]

MALLORY applies her lipstick and looks at herself in the mirror.  Tucked in the corner of the mirror is a picture of a little girl in a white party dress.

MALLORY: [smooths her white sundress] There. Perfect. Tonight will be special.

MALLORY leaves the room and shuts the door. As MALLORY descends the stairs BEN and DERICK both look up.  BEN goes to the foot of the stairs to meet MALLORY.  He is a middle aged man with dark hair and black rimmed glasses.

BEN: Mallory, you look beautiful.  [takes MALLORY's hand and leads her to Derick.] 

 DERICK is an attractive young man who is tall and muscular.  He is standing by the door to the outside of the house.

DERICK: [taking MALLORY's hand] You look gorgeous.

VANNESSA enters with a digital camera.

VANNESSA: Before you two leave, I want to take a picture.

DERICK places his arm around MALLORY's waist.  Both look at the camera smiling.  A flash is seen. The scene fades out.

Scene Two

CHILD sits in the middle of the stage, with a spotlight on her.  She is a nine year-old girl who is wearing a white jumper and playing on the floor with a doll.  The doll closely resembles MALLORY.

CHILD: Mallory is getting ready for a party. She looks so pretty. [ smiles and strokes the doll's white dress]  When I grow up I'm going to look just like her.  [brushes the doll's hair with her fingers]

MARTHA steps into the light.  She is a middle aged woman, wearing a white frock, and resembles VANNESSA.

MARTHA: No need to wait till you grow up, Child.  You look pretty now.

CHILD: I don't want to be pretty.  I want to look just like her.

MARTHA: Child, you can't look just like a doll!  It's impossible. [laughs nervously]  Now come here, Child.

CHILD: [shying away from her] No!  I want to look just like her! I want to wear her pretty white dress, and go to her party, and have her family, and...  [she is in uncontrollable tears and hugging the doll close to her chest]

MARTHA: I know, Child. [she picks CHILD up and holds her]

CHILD: [sobbing]  Just  like Mallory.  Just like Mallory.  Just like...

MARTHA: There, there Child.  Everything will be alright. Dry your eyes now. [she takes some Kleenex from her pocket and gives it to CHILD who drys her eyes]

CHILD: [leans back to look at MISS GLO]  You remember my dream?  [MARTHA nods her head]  It was all about Mallory.  [MARTHA just stares at her]

MARTHA: [smiling]  Well, dreams about your doll will have to wait because it's suppertime.  [she seats CHILD down on the floor]

CHILD:  What are we having for supper?

MARTHA:  Let's see here...mashed potatoes with gravy [she tickles CHILD and she giggles]   pork chops and chocolate cake. [she taps CHILD on the nose]

CHILD: [smiling]  All my favorites!  [climbs onto MARTHA's lap]

MARTHA: That's right!  [hugs CHILD]  Ready to eat?

CHILD:  Yes! 

Both CHILD and MARTHA stand up.  MARTHA takes CHILD's hand and leads her offstage.

Scene Three

The stage is set with a long dining table in the center.  There are six seats, but only three people sit at the table.  HELIO is at the head of the table.  He is wearing a dark suit and looks identical to BEN.  To his right sits MARK.  He is a little boy wearing a red polo shirt and blue jeans.  To MARK's left is KASSIDIE.  She is a little girl wearing a white pair of shorts and purple tee shirt.  MARTHA walks in with CHILD.  MARK and KASSIDIE can be heard whispering to each other.

MARTHA:  [frowning] Mark.  Kassidie.  What are you two whispering about?

MARK and KASSIDIE: [smiling] Nothing MARTHA.

MARTHA doesn't look convinced.  She smiles at CHILD who only looks at MARK and KASSIDIE.  MARTHA sits across the table from HELIO.  CHILD sits to her left.

HELIO: Now that everyone is here, let's eat.

CHILD: Mark, please pass the mashed potatoes.  [she waits expectantly]

MARK: [to KASSIDIE] Did you hear something. [winks at CHILD]

KASSIDIE: [shrugs her shoulders] Nope! [winks at CHILD]

MARTHA: Kassidie.  Mark.  Behave yourselves.  Mark, pass the mashed potatoes.

MARK passes the potatoes to CHILD and smiles at her.  

HELIO: [to MARK, CHILD, and KASSIDIE]  Kids go play.  I have to talk to MARTHA about some things.

MARK, KASSIDIE, and CHILD leave the stage

MARTHA: Helio, I'm getting worried.

HELIO: About Child?

MARTHA: Yes!  Even after all these years we still don't know anything about her.

HELIO: [stands] What did you expect?  This is a foster home after all.

MARTHA:  I know, but with the other children we know who they are.  We know their names and where they came from.  With Child we don't know anything.

HELIO: I know, but-

MARTHA: [crying] You don't understand!  No one knows who she is!  They say she isn't in any databases.

HELIO: [holds her] I know.

MARTHA: [looks at HELIO] It's almost like she's been forgotten by the world.  

Lights fade

Scene Four

MALLORY is sitting on the beach.  She is wearing her white dress.

MALLORY: It's so peaceful out here.  

CHILD steps out from the shadows

CHILD: Hello.

MALLORY: [turns around to face CHILD]  Who are you?

CHILD:  I'm Child and you're her.  [points to her doll]

MALLORY:  I'm not a doll!  My name is-

CHILD: Mallory

MALLORY: [shocked]  How do you know my name?

CHILD: [stepping forward]  Because I created you.

MALLORY: [backs away as CHILD walks to her]   That's....that's not possible.

CHILD:  My mommy forgot about me, so I made you to help me forget.

MALLORY:  What?!

CHILD: I made you so I can forget.  But the kids I live with are mean.  They ignore because my mommy forgot about me. [MALLORY doesn't respond.  CHILD runs to her and hugs her.]  My mommy forgot about me, but you won't Mallory.

MALLORY: [shoving CHILD]  Leave me alone!  [she tries to run. CHILD trips her.  MALLORY hits her head on a rock and is unconscious.]

CHILD:  You won't forget. [she pulls out a knife from behind her back and plunges it into MALLORY's back]  You won't forget!  

Scene Five

CHILD lies in her bed.  Her doll has a needle in its back.  The doll's white dress is covered in blood.  CHILD is wearing a white party dress covered in blood.  MARTHA sits beside her bed crying.

MARTHA: [sobbing]  Child!  [HELIO enters. MARTHA runs to him]  Helio!

HELIO:  What happened?


HELIO goes to CHILD's bedside

HELIO: [gasps]  Child!  What have you done to yourself?!

CHILD: [grabs his tie with her bloody hand]  I had to do it Helio.  Mommy forgot about me.  So did Mallory.  I had to do it.   [takes a deep breath and closes her eyes]

MARTHA: [shaking her] No!  Child!  Stay with us! 

CHILD: They won't forget about me now.  No one will forget about me now. [her voice fades out as the stage darkens.]

I am most proud of this piece.  I have often tried to write books, and I have multiple circulating through my creative brain.  This is actually the one piece I have finished.  I apologize for the length, but it will certainly keep you engaged.

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