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Dream house

January 14, 2020

When I was your age, I could never get to sleep. That was until I met Violet, and she showed me her dream house. Would you like to see it too?
I’ll lie in bed and wait for a little tap on the window. Violet is always there, with her eyes sparkling like excited stars. She stands on the path of moonlight that leads up to the moon. Step onto it; it’s a river of light, shimmering like water. We talk with the stars as we climb up, all the way until we reach the moon.
Sometimes, if we get tired, we stop there. The people who live on the moon are lovely, but not very down to earth. But I’m not tired tonight- tonight I want to take you to her house. Once we reach the moon, you can see the sun. That’s why the moon is so bright. It has sunlight on its face; and sunlight makes rainbows. There it is- up we go!
Walking on a rainbow is one of my favourite things to do. It’s like a bridge in the sky, but when you bend down to touch it, your hand just passes through, because it isn’t hard like wood or stone. Now don’t start thinking it’s squishy- that would just be weird. You mustn’t bounce on rainbows. Everyone knows that!
When we reach the top, you can see the dream house. The rainbow glides down to the front door, and it sits on a little fluffy cloud. The roof changes colour depending on the weather; today it’s purple. On one side of the house is a tree, just the perfect height for climbing, and a swing hanging by its side. Just around a bit more, there’s a ladder to the roof. When I’m too tired to adventure, I go up and watch the sunset, until I fall asleep. On the other side is a vine with as many butterflies around it, as the flowers on it. Chirpy birds twitter between its leaves - when you hear them sing, you could stay there forever. 
Look- we’ve come to the top! There it is! Isn’t it pretty? (Insert illustration here)
Come slide down the rainbow with us. You’re allowed to bounce on clouds of course. That’s why sliding down a rainbow is so much fun! Here comes Violet’s tiger cub. Did I forget to tell you? She rescued him when he was drifting along on his own, without any shelter from the rain. All he had was a cloud puff. He’s named Spring, because she found him when the daffodils had come out; but also because he has so much spring in his step, that he’s like a bouncy ball!
Now the real adventure begins. When Violet opens the door, we can go in. The door leads anywhere: to the rainforest; to an underwater palace; even to another planet! Let’s find out!
So Violet opened the door. We found ourselves on a hot, dusty road, in front of two blue iron gates.
“Come in,” she said. “This is the walled garden.”
Some walled gardens are very boring, with straight pathways that trap rose bushes. Others are wild, with overgrown weeds. This one was neither. Tall, white walls sheltered this haven. Fruit trees lined the edge, bordering a path that ran around an island of plants. We walked over a curved bridge, over a bubbling little brook. 
“Race you to the middle!” Violet shouted with glee, and set off on a path between two trees. We chased her, entering the shady tunnel that twisted under vines overhead, through rocks, past the brook tumbling down a waterfall. Sometimes she was almost too far ahead to see, except for a bit of dust kicking up behind her feet. Then she slowed down, taunting us with a cheeky grin, before speeding away. Eventually she stopped beneath a flowering cherry tree, laughing at us as we panted for breath.
In front of us, at the centre of the garden, was a fountain. Water jetted up, and fell like a mist, before it was caught in the bottom pool. A ginger kitten drank from it; Spring ran over to her, and they were soon playing a rough-and-tumble with a leaf. Tortoises walked around slowly on the sandy ground, and the sun shone on the cherry blossom.
“It’s beautiful,” I said, and splashed my face with the cool water. We sat for a bit, glowing in the sun.
“We always need to drink,” said Violet. “We will always get thirsty again. We always want to do more. Whenever we’ve done something, we still don’t feel satisfied until the next thing happens. We’ve run that path. Soon we’ll want to run the others that come here too.”
“We always want to see everything we can,” I agreed. “But just getting here is enough for me. Even if you did beat me in the race!”
She giggled. “It wasn’t fair really. I got a head start!”
She stopped, and started to look thoughtful again.
“You’re right,” she began. “Happiness is like a little fountain inside of me. You can’t always wait for it to rain when you need water. You store it up, and the happiness flows through you, overflowing at the top, then being caught. It helps other people too; this kitten needed refreshing, and the fountain gave him what he needed.”
I nodded, and Spring gave a little yawn.
“It’s time for him to sleep. Let’s go back.”
So we walked back over the brook, to the gate and through the door. The clouds were washed in pink light as the sun finished the day. This time it was my turn to do a little yawn.
“Hey Violet,” I said. “ Do you want to know the best thing about your dream house?”
“What?” she asked.
“You can go and have an adventure, without even leaving the front door!”
She smiled as I turned to go.“Goodbye- goodnight!”
“Goodbye, Violet. Until tomorrow night!”
“Until tomorrow.”


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