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United States

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March 30, 2015

PROMPT: Where Were You?


Where were you?

I lied in the dirt scarily sick,

Hoping to see you emerge from the Shadows.

I called your name but only shrill ominous silence responded.

Shadows encased my frail form as you were nowhere.

The Shadows—Shadows loomed over me coming ever

Menacingly closer. You abandoned me.

You left me to—to said you wouldn't.

The Shadows claimed me as they will you.



All the candid joy you brought to me.

You always promised to protect me—keep me safe.

You nuzzled a tunnel into my heart, 

Stroking it, soothing it, placating it,

Lighting a passionate flame for life inside it.

Only, for it to be struck down by your callous hands.

Once passionate veins lay frozen by eternal ice,

Only fit for the Shadows.


I only ask of you to remember our joyous times and

To forever know where you were when the Shadows claimed me.

I am now the Shadows.

I am lost to them as you have lost me.

So, where were you when the shadows claimed me?



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