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Hi! I'm not the best at writing but I love To! I play basketball and read a bunch in my free time. I hope you can enjoy my writhing! I also am the leader of the Dark clan hence the name.

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Hi! I like basketball, fantasy, reading, my favorite N.F.L team is the Minnesota Vikings, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing! I also am the leader of the Dark Clan hence the name.

Phantom of the night

January 12, 2020


 Name:     Parker trask
Period:     5
Phantom of The Night
    As the first rays of sunlight peek through the beams of my clan’s wooden longhouse, I hear the patter of rain on the elm bark roof. I get up out of my wooden bed and, as I look around my humble clan’s adobe, I see my grandpa sleeping, my grandma cooking, and my brother eating a stew of corn and venison. I put on my breechcloth,my black, bear skin cloak,my black moccasins, and my quiver. I grab my bow, my spear, knife, and my warrhamer. “ Be careful out there, Benshkno,” my grandma says she also handed me a bag of rations for the ensuing days. “I will grandma,” I say. Then I kiss my brother goodbye and walk out into the misty spring air.
I walk over to the party of warriors leaving to aid our confederacy in the war against the Hopi Tribe. “ We will move to the Eastern outcrop of mountains then flank to the west to hold the western flanks,” said the villages military captain,” From there we push the western flanks as our rangers start causing havoc and anarchy from inside the Hopis compound,” “ We are to wait for our Rangers to infiltrate the compound,” “ when they do we are to wait for the signal, a raven’s call,” the captain said. “ I will provide all of you with shei!” An arrow pierced the captains throat, cutting him off mid sentence. He let out a gurgling scream as blood poured onto his clothing and boots. Immediately the Village broke into Anarchy. The warriors were looking into the dense forest for the assassin while more arrows whistled by the good Samaritans doing their daily jobs. I, as a trained ranger, didn’t panic but looked closer in the forest. I saw a flash of red and some glimpses of eyes and Arrows with white Fletching. I grab my bow and reach for one of my arrows when I hear it. At first it was just a faint echo, then, like a chorus of a pack of feral wolves, the sound of hundreds Of bellows came from the ridge to the village’s western border. Hundreds of Hopi Warriors Poured down the troten trail. The clash of titans was about to unfold.
    The women and children fled to the villages meeting hall and barricaded the door with a Wooden cabinet. The men mustered their forces and started to advance on the ensuing hoard. The Hopi where in a lust for blood as they dashed down the trail. I sauntered over to a tree and climbed it. I drew my bow and grasped an arrow. I aimed for a Bulk of a man riding a stag, He looked majestic in the eyes of mine. I focused in on his heart and let the arrow lose. The blue fletching zoomed by my eyes as I watched the man fall of his steed. The arrow pierced his heart and went straight through him. The body tripped up the stag.  The body rolled and twitched like a parilzed snake. I watched as a child was shot in his spine and instantly doubled over. A pang of despair washed over me. I shot an arrow through the archers stomach and watched him tumble over. I couldn't watch him die because more indians pushed towards the humble village.I picked off a few other of Hopi before a sharp, shrill pain in my leg flared. I looked down to see Wooden javelin in my lower calf. I looked below my leg and, at the base of the tree, there was a Hopi Warrior grabbing for another javelin. I unsheathed my dagger and lunged off the tree. I stuck my dagger through the Hopi Warriors shoulder and let go to dive into a safety roll. I roll over to a nearby bush and stood. The Hopi warrior’s breathing was heavy and slow. He looked at me with terror in his eyes. My heart yearned to let him live and help him. I walked over and put my hand on his shoulder. My voice wouldn't work. I started to feel lightheaded and dizzy. I couldn't tell why? Then I remembered my leg.I was dying of blood loss.    
I applied a tourniquet, by ripping off some of my cloak.The rain was now pouring and I was getting drenched. The Hopi Warrior Was now Mustering courage to take the dagger out. He was a young fellow, not willing to finish me off. I walked over to him. He Cowered and whimpered by a bush. “ It's ok, I won’t harm you,” I said in a soothing voice. “ Then why did you do this!” He said Gesturing towards his shoulder. I felt the guilt creep into the realm of my mind, Seeping deeper and deeper until I felt it sit deep in my stomach. “ You hurled a javelin into my lower calf,” I retorted. He turned his head away in  agony. I limped over to him and told him to sit. “What are you doing?” he asked worriedly. “ I am going to extract the dagger,” I said in a calm voice. I hesitate, thinking of what he might do free of his burden. I quickly grab my warrhamer and strike his head viciously. He yelled out in pain as I Repeatedly Bash his head in and thrust arrow threw his skull. He twitched and flailed then he lay limp. Blood seeped into the fletching and turned it red. “ Deception,” I think as I see he had his hand on a crude stone knife. I glance one more time at him and turn away.The crusade was still raging on, though it took its toll. Houses where ablaze, men lie dead in mounds on the battlefield. The Battle front moved to a gorge farther down the clearing. I gazed at my leg, dried in blood and dirt. I clambered over to a nearby house and tried the door. It didn’t budge, so I threw my shoulder against it. This time it burst open. I Opened the door wide and lunged in. I slammed the door shut and clasped the knob. The pain was unbearable. I turned around to see a jagged stone pot spiraling towards my face.    
    When I awoke, a horrid stench Invaded my nostrils. There was a wretched taste in my mouth, like rotten meat. As my eyes fluttered to life, I saw that the room was dim so I knew hours had passed. I tried to move but I was bound by ropes. When my eyes adjusted to the feeble light, I saw people Speaking by a window. They were grasping the deerskin curtain and pulling it back to peek through it. “ I’m afraid they’re all Imprisoned or annihilated,”  said a voice I knew. I tried to talk but I couldn’t. I felt an object in my mouth, blocking any tongue movement. I Managed to make a muffled groan and shift my body from it’s unheavenly bondage. “ Halt!” Bellowed a voice from the window. The people dashed by me and to the back room. In their haste, something fell from one of their satchels. It tumbled to the ground with a cacophony of loud clashes of steel from the blade, and the heavy footfalls of the people. As they hastened  past me I glimpsed one of their faces, my grandpa.
I thrashed even more now trying to get my grandpa to recognize me. I plunged down a small indent in the wooden floor, rolling over to the feet of them. My grandpa looked down at me, came to a halt, and gazed at me. “ Benshkno?” “Benshkno!” He gasped as recognition flooded into his eyes. I squirmed even more now, for the urgency of the reunion kicked in. A deafening banging at the door made Takoda, my grandpa, leap into action. He ripped open his satchel and fumbled around in it. “ My knife, My knife, where is it!” he fiercely whispered. I started helplessly at the knife on the wooden floor. There was slts of light slipping through the door as axe upon axe swing ruthlessly splintered the door. I tried to speak again and managed to get my grandpa’s attention. He kneeled down and untied the cloth that was around my mouth, keeping the object in my mouth. I spit it out and said, “ The knife is there!” while gesturing with my head. Takoda rushed over and grabbed the knife, cut my bonds, and helped me up. The door was almost breached, a hole forming in the center. Takoda rushed me over in a corner of the longhouse. We hid in the shadows with the other figure, who was my grandmother. “ Benshkno!” she sobbed. “ Grandmother!” I replied. We embraced as the door was kicked open. Six Hopi Warriors stormed the longhouse. Two of them were met by Blue fletched arrows. The other 3 where met by Takdo’s thrusts in their throats and stomachs. nd I dragged the bodies into a wooden chest. Takdo returned me all of my equipment. I tried to pry my arrows from the bodies. Two of the arrows splintered upon contact, one of the arrows splintered in one of the warriors crania , the other in his esophagus. The shrapnel of wood cutting deep into there flesh. I did manage to pry an arrow from a warrior's stomach, The fletching stained a deep maroon and the shaft even darker. It made a wet, splattering sound as I extracted it from his intestines. Blood poured like an endless waterfall. I could still hear him faintly breathing. I unsheathed my dagger and slit his throat, The serrated edge of my dagger easily sliced his skin as warm blood flowed onto my hand. I cleaned my dagger off with one of the warriors jerken, a type of cloake. “ What has happened?” I questioned Takdo. “ Most of our warriors are either hostage, or dead,” “ The rest fled when the chief was slain.” he said with depression in his voice. I turned away flustered and in a rage. I searched the long house thoroughly and found what I sought. I put on a Black cloak and painted myself Black and a deep purple. I stocked up on arrows and prepared myself mentaly and physically. I am to sneak through the shadows and rescue my fellow comrades. I was to become an assassin, to become one with the shadows. I am to be a Phantom on the night.        
I was prone in the bushes when I heard the signal, a faint call of an eagle. I crawled closer to the bonfire in the middle of the village, after the battle the Hopi started to loot the houses and prepare for a ceremony. The rain had died down, but it was still drizzling. The bone fire would withstand the rain as long as it doesn't pick-up.The ceremony was in full swing, people dancing and celebrating their victory. As I inched closer I ran back the plan in my head. I was to pick off as many of the soldiers as I could and distracted them as Tokda tried to seek the fled warriors and rally them for an ambush. The signal meant that Tokda was going to make a mad dash to the woods. I was to rain down volley after volley of suppressing arrows,if any warrior saw him. My quiver was bursting at the seams with arrows, ready to impale any warrior who dare reach for his weapon. I saw a silhouette of a man silently striding in the shadows, picking up momentum as he went from a stroll to a dash. I drew my bow and nocked an arrow. Watching intently as he neared the woods. He made a final leap for the cover of the woden safe haven. He landed with an audible thud but not loud enough to rouse suspicion. My last glimpse of him was between two trees, as he was reaching the base of a hill. I looked back and saw a man stumbling my way obviously drunk. My leg had healed but still throbbed with a faint pain. I could run on it, maybe fast enough to escape if things came down to a run for the hills. He vomited about 5 yards from me. I grabbed my warrhamer silently and waited for an opening. He was still bent over when I struck. I hit him in the head and put my hand over his mouth to muffle his breathing and cries of terror. I quickly dragged him into the forest. He was unconscious and bleeding. The fresh blood splattered on the parched leaves, leaving a thin blood trail. As I could barely see the faint glow of the fire when I stopped. I turned him over onto his back and was about to finish him off when I recognized him.  The last I saw him he was ruthlessly murdering a child. “Wait,” I thought out loud. “ My brother!” I hadn't thought about him. I remembered when I was leaving the longhouse, I saw a child, dead with a white and black fletched arrow in his spine. I thought I recognized his face but I didn’t have time to make the connection. I ripped of his deerskin shirt and look at his stomach. A patch of rabbit was on his stomach, wrapped around him by rope. I grab an arrow from his quiver and study the fletching. It’s black and white. It all made sense, the wound in his stomach, his arrows. This devil had killed my brother. Rage surged through my veins. I violently ripped the rope off of his waist. I then tied it into a nose and put it around his neck. I dragged him to a tree with fairly low hanging branches. He awoke, startled and confused. I cut off some extra rope and bound his hands and feet. He was too weak to resist. It was some effort, but I managed to climb a branch and tie the rope on it. By now my hostage knew what was happening and was struggling against his bonds. I climbed down with the rope between my teeth, still seething with rage. I started to pull the rope, hosting my prisoner higher and higher. He thrashed and wiggled, trying to escape. I thought this inhumane beast deserves this. He was now about 7 feet off the ground. Strained gaspes escaped from his esophagus as he reached for a knife on his belt. I thrust my dagger into the soil and tied the rope to it. It shifted in the soil but still stayed. I drew my bow and knocked one of the Hopi prisoner's arrows. I aimed for the patched spot on his abdomen. I released the arrow and it soared through the air like a noble crane. It hit its mark with a ripping sound as it shredded his organs. He twitched fiercely then lay limb, swinging back and forth like a pendulum set. I was still infuriated, so I grabbed my warhammer and walked over to him, my muscles tense, ready to batter the corpse. I unleashed my agony, depression, and fury on the corpse. My warrhamer stuck his bones and snapped them. It also dug deep into his flesh and made a wet, grinding sound. I bet his dead body until it was deformed with shredded skin and broken bones. The rain had picked  and I was soaked. I quickly built a crude lean-to shelter and a cozy fire. I sat down panting and listing to the pitter-patter of dripping blood. My thoughts swarming my tiredness. I rested my head on a log and drifted off into the endless realm of sleep. 
    When I aroused from my slumber,it was late at night . I stretched as my stomach growled. I unbuckled my satchel and tore into some jerky rations. I haven't eaten in a day or so. I finished a 3’rd piece as a rustling sound startled me. I scrambled out of my shelter and dived behind a log and peered over the top. Mud splattered and I was getting soaked again. A patrol of Hopi warriors prowled in the bushes. I watched intently as they hid in the shadows at the edge of the clearing. My eyes adjusted to the dark, so only I saw the pack of wolves stalking them from afar. I ducked back down behind the log and crawled silently to the safety of the trees. I could see the wolves moving quickly towards the clearing. As soon as I reached the trees, I bolted back towards the village. I only made a branch snap and a rock fall as I ran. I glanced back once and could see the wolves ready to punce as soon as the patrol found the body. As I came to the village border, I heard the first scream. The scream was blood curdling and deathly loud. I heard the patrol leap into action, in a chorus of shots and battle cries. The ceremony was over and the bonefier was only a pile of smoldering embers, though I could still see activity in some of the longhouses. I dived into garden and threw my cloake over me in a whirlwind of shadow. I peeked out of my camouflage as a drowsy looking group of warriors rushed by. I don’t know if it was their tiredness or their haste that they didn’t notice me. I waited till they got to the woods edge to even breathe. As I saw them fade into the distance I stood and brushed myself off. I was caked in mud but the rain was cleaning me off. I sneaked over to a longhouse and tried the door. It was locked. I went to the window and peered in. I saw women and children sleeping on the floor. “Wait , these are Iroquois people!” The realization hit me with a pang of guilt. “ I left them to die,” I thought. I vowed to help everybody and not forget anybody and avenge the deceased. I knocked on the window until a middle age women aroused and looked at me. Her eyes lit with pure terror as she saw a man peeking through the window in an invasion. I put down my hood and her face went from terror to relief as she let out a yelp of happiness that awoke half of the women and children in the house. She hurriedly told everybody it was me and they leaped up to let me in. Instead, A girl can to let me in. I knew her as A 28 year old brave, courageous, smart, and beautiful beyond recognition named,Teres. As the window opened, a gust of warm air blew on me. As I climbed through the window, I gazed into her blue eyes with a tint of gray. Her blonde hair blew in the breeze and she smiled. My heart lit with the spark of love As I dropped water on the floor. I thanked her  and looked around the whole house and saw some teens, children, and women. I told the boy teens to gather around me and I told them to arm themselves and amor themselves. I told them we are going to storm the Hopi’s leader’s house and hold him hostage. They nodded grimly and started to get ready. Some of the women started asking me what happened. I told them my story and my plan. Some of the ladies were blushing in admiration. But one stood out over all, Teres. She looked at me with awe and affection. I tuned out the other people and walked toward her. “ Are you hungry? “ I said whilst taking my last ration of jerky. “ Yes thank you,” she said as she flushed and took it from me. I smiled kindly and winked. She turned away, her face as red as a ripe tomato. I walked back to the group and cleared my throat. “ We move out now,” I proclaimed. They all silenced as I continued. “ There will be two groups, My elite guard, and I will choose a leader for the other group,” the teens eyes lit up with the chance to become a leader. I scanned them all, searching for the bravest and strongest. The torrential downpour had grown into a fierce thunderstorm. Lighting crashed and illuminated the room. Torches had been hung in nochs on the wall, giving off a faint glow. When I saw the room fully, I was impressed. The Women and children had supposedly fled to meeting hall, but I didn’t go into the meeting hall, I was in the warrior’s sleeping chambers on the southernmost side of the village. I saw a bulky teen at the door and a few women at the windows. I also saw a few injured warriors and citizens laying on deer skin blankets. I saw there crude living conditions and immediately felt horrible. I was looking at a 15 year-old male named Tier. He was known for his stealthiness and craftyness. There was a huge debate about who was stealthier and crafter, Benshkno or Tier. “ Tier, you will lead the other group,” I said. The other teens slouched with disappointment. “ Do not act dishonored,” I said in a firm voice, “If you all act brave,strong,and Dauntless,” I continued,”you will go down in history and valor,” They’re spirits lifted, I could tell by the spark of fire in their eyes. “ You all must be stealthy,” I said,” You must blend in with the shadows,” You Must look out for each other,” I continued. “ You four must stay back and guard,” I said while pointing at a few bulkley kids, not suitable to sneak around. They nobly nodded their heads and took their places at the door. “ Alright, it’s time we move,” I said while drawing my bow and with that, we all climbed out the window, one by one.
“ Tier, you and your group are going to go behind the chief’s longhouse, where the Hopi leader of this onslaught is,” I was saying as we crept in the tree line outside of the village. The wolf fiasco was under control as we saw Hopi warriors carrying wolf pelts and wearing animal skin bandages. “ we split here,” I whispered to Tier as We all stopped. Tier turned and motioned to his group to follow him. About 20 Warriors followed Tier as he crept towards the longhouse in the distance. The plan was that Tier was to sneak through out the houses and assassinate as many of the Hopi as they can without being noticed. My group was to sneak on the ridge and behind the longhouse and be ready for Tier to get to the front. Then, both of our groups would push the longhouse and kill the leader. That was the plan, simple, but effective. Dawn was fast approaching, so we had to hurry. I watched as Tier and his group disappeared into the twilight. I motioned for my group to follow me , as I Started to creep to the ridge line. The ridge was fairly tall and was beautiful in the dim light. As soon as I set foot on the first stones, part of the edge of the ridge crumbled off. The Weight of All the Hopi when they charged had severely weakened the overall support of the ridge. The ridge was an obscure ridge with one edge hanging over the edge of the hill. Right under the ridge was


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