Anneliese Chiang

United States

Message to Readers

I would like to be told what I am lacking in and if this is good for young readers. I would like to know where it could improve and where it is best.


January 21, 2020

    Outside my window, it's always colorless. Grey birds, stray black cats and wilted leaves fill the dark roads. It truly a mournful sight to behold. When I get too sad looking out at these melancholy skies, I like to dive into the colors of my mother's childhood stories. She told me that when she was young, she saw beautiful "blue whales" and "red pandas". It sounded amazing. She told me of "white rhinos" and "snowy owls". She told me of the plants she would see. Healthy yellows and eager reds. My mother told me of the moist greens and the fresh blues. I look at the world around me. My world outside is dry and colorless compared to my mother's world. I see a single red bird. I've never seen this before. The birds outside are normally dark shades, but this one fashions the eager red my mother spoke of! What a sight! Maybe, just maybe, this is a sign. A sign of hope, that my world can be colorful, too.


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